Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bringing Joy to Others

Christy here. The last few weeks have been busy and stressful. At times, I felt myself so overwhelmed I just didn't know which way was up. As things begin to settle down, and I still continue to deal with an array of emotions, I realize God's lesson in all of this was that I needed to put Him back at the place He belongs. That's being Number One in my life.

It's scary when you can literally feel the separation from him. Everything in your life has split. Like the peels of a banana, when one falls, then another, the rest begin to fall and all that is left is the fruit. Hopefully, what is under all that peel is good fruit.

Yesterday, I was able to bring joy to others. As a category coordinator for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Contest, I had the distinct honor of calling the finalists in my category and giving them the news that their manuscript had finaled in the contest. I know what it is like, being on the receiving end of this news as I'm sure many of you have received a call like this. It's a first step in your career of writing. It signifies you are finally doing something right. Perhaps all of your study and hard work with the craft of writing is about to bring fruit.

Some of my finalists squealed. Some began to cry. In all of their voices, I could feel their smiles. While I was bringing joy to them, they were actually giving me joy in return. Sometimes it's better to give a gift, than to receive one.

What do you think? Have you been blessed to give joy to someone else?


  1. Oh, Christy, I've been lucky enough to make those calls as well! It was so fun. And you know, I had one author email me about 4 years later to tell me she had sold! It was so, so cool.

    I got a Maggie call one year right after receiving particularly difficult contest feedback. Not a half hour before that Maggie call, I had decided it was time to quit writing. And then that call. I think I was one of the criers. :) It was affirmation that I should NOT give up.

    I hope your calls encouraged someone who needed it.

  2. I've never made those calls, but I've been on the receiving end. Sometimes I'm sad that I can't participate more on volunteer level, but I have to protect my time. This year I didn't judge one contest, and it helped me write more.

    As for giving joy to others, I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to do things for others without them knowing it was me and that feels good to bless someone who really needs a blessing!