Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming in September!

Lindi here.

Wanted to share a little bit about what's coming up in September on Mondays. Next Monday we have guest Rebecca Syme. We are going to do a fun interview. Make sure you check back on Labor Day.
Then the next three Mondays we are having writing tips by authors and a giveaway of their books. We have Cindy Woodsmall ,Maureen Hardegree, and one other author I'm still confirming.

So lots of giveaways in September on Mondays!! I'm excited. And like I said, we are going to have lots of great writing tips from some really great authors. So it's a win/win situation.

What kind of writing tips would you like to hear about? Not sure if the ladies have their topics, yet, but if not....


  1. Hi Lindi-Linds :)

    POV/DeepPOV is an albatross around my neck, especially in dialogue. Why can't I just let two people talk? Arrggghhh!!

  2. Edwina, You are so funny! I've written a couple of articles on Deep POV in the Writing Tips section of my blog. I used to have the opposite problem--too much dialogue and not enough description.

  3. Edwina-Jennifer is a great teacher, so check out her website. Somebody said I write deep POV because I write in 1st person. Try writing your scene in 1st person. See what you can move over to your book.

  4. Sounds great, Lindi!

    Edwina, I can't think of anything having to do with pov that you could have trouble with during dialogue, unless you're talking about the thoughts the character would be having while talking. Because when a character is talking, well...he's talking and we're obviously in his pov. :)

    Okay, sorry. I know you didn't ask my opinion! LOL But if you want to email me an example, I'll be glad to look at it.

  5. Edwina,
    Also, there are 2 posts in our archives regarding Deep POV-One by Ang, and one by Jenn.
    Check those out too!

  6. Here's a toughie: I teach creative writing to high school age girls. I'd like to help them with symbolism this year. Any tips on how to teach that?

  7. Teri---Wow--that's great! I'm going to have to think on how to teach it, though. Are you relating it internal/external? Like the symbol of the cross (external-something you can touch) with salvation (internal--something you can't touch)?
    Or are you talking more about theme?

  8. Great questions, Lindi. I was wondering the same thing about Teri's question.