Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Writing Your God?

Mindy here. Today is kind of bittersweet for me. After fifteen months with our now three-year old granddaughter, she will be reunited with her mother. It's a reunion we've all looked forward to for months. Yet with it comes change.

The change I'm looking forward to the most is recapturing my writing time. Over the past year I've had too many days where I could barely think, let alone write. But God is good, and He allowed me to clear a few hurdles along the way.

During this time of wandering in the wilderness, I've come to see a small part of why I was there. I started writing six years ago and it quickly became my passion. So much so, that it took precedence over everything else in my life. Writing became my god. I had given it a greater place in my life than I was granting God.

My God is a jealous god. And He's pretty straight-forward in His Word--"Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Yet here I was, writing for Him. For His glory.

Or was I?

I think the answer could vary from day to day.

As I eagerly anticipate having more time on my hands, things are looking pretty bright. ACFW conference is less than a month away, and I have a research trip between now and then. I feel like I'm at the starting gate again, and my Heavenly Father is saying, "Go get 'em." I have no idea what He has in store. But I know that I have to keep Him on the altar.

Do you ever feel like your writing consumes you? Maybe God has pulled you away from your passion. How did you feel about it then? Now?

Happy Tuesday.


  1. There was a time when I felt guilty if I was at home and wasn't writing. I had to learn to let that go. I'm kind of working on the concept that I'm not going to write on Sunday. That's my day to be free and do all kinds of other things.

  2. Very profound, Mindy. I don't think I've put writing above God, but even the suggestion has me scratching my head and wondering if I need to rethink that assessment.

    My biggest problem comes when I resent my paying job because inspiration has struck and I'm not able to write. Then, it's hard to rely on God to show me how to make time for writing the stories He has put on my heart because all I can see are the obstacles that prevent me from writing.

  3. Mindy, thanks for your post. It gives me something to think about and to consider in my life.

    I hope the rest of the transition goes smoothly. I know you'll miss her!

  4. Great post and timely for me. Yes, I've put writing before God for a while now, and now I realize why I've struggled. I'm finding when all else becomes so busy and I can't find any more time to write, God is always there for me to talk to, pray to, and just be. And because of all of this, He needs to be at the center and first in my life.

  5. Like Dianna, I resent my day job (any day job that takes me away from my writing) in spite of the the fact that I know it is a blessing. I go through cycles. I catch myself slipping the writing before God and I scale it back and prune it. Then it grows again and I scale it back and prune it. These are cycles, but now I can at least recognize it. I can feel God tugging on my heart. When this happens, I drop stuff and work on my relationship with God.

  6. You're a good lady, Mindy. God bless you.