Sunday, August 29, 2010

More on Character

Christy here. My 9-5 job provides me the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people. Sometimes during the day, I can separate myself from the job and while I listen to the person on the other end, I can pull qualities from them that would fit perfectly in one of my novels.

Once, I spoke with a 75 year old woman. She loved her Ipod because she had downloaded a whole bible study on it.

The other day, I called this sweet elderly lady to find out about the water damage her home had sustained. Bless her heart, she was more interested in telling me about the illnesses she'd suffered since 2007.

One lady told me she was a hairdresser and she made good money.

I've talked to other people from all walks of life... the detective who wanted a little more information about a case. A contractor who was trying to get a job done for someone but needed a contract signed.

I've talked to different people who speak different languages.

Sometimes, in the things I see and hear, I could promise you I've seen it all over the years. But, I doubt it. With every day, there's something new.

With every book we write, our cast of characters must shine. I am inspired by my friends, family and even people I don't know. Walk through a mall on the weekend and you'll see a large majority of people, all from different walks of life.

I may write an old lady with an Ipod one day. I thought that lady was pretty snazzi(spelling?) to know how to work an Ipod. I don't even have one and I'm 40 years younger than she! 

How do you make your character's shine? Where is your well of inspiration?


  1. I love the old lady with the Ipod story. I find characters with people I meet as well, and movies.

  2. Christy, you can use my example along with your iPod lady. I finally got an ipod and kept complaining to my kids that the earbuds hurt! Well, one day, Nick finally look at them and nearly fell out laughing. I had them kind of jammed in my ears so that the cords stuck straight out. :) Embarrassing to admit (and much, much fun for my kids to tease me about for the last couple of years). So your little old lady could be savvy and love her iPod, but her headphones are sticking out so that she looks silly. :)

  3. Thanks Jenn!

    LOL, Missy. Thanks for sharing. You are so funny & brave...