Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sharing Photos from the RWA National Conference

Missy, here. Like I promised last week, I wanted to share some photos from the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Orlando, FL.

Here I am at the mega book signing. Over 500 authors joined together to sign books donated by publishers (and authors) to raise money for literacy organizations. Here's a note on the RWA website:

"Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2010 Literacy Autographing such a success! In two hours, 3,600 fans and 500 participating authors helped raise $55,000 for literacy."
E-harlequin P.J. Party. L to R: Shirlee McCoy, Missy Tippens, Margaret Daley, Irene Hannon, Debbie Clopton (back), Danica Favorite (front), Lenora Worth, Debby Giusti and Winnie Griggs.

Janet Dean, Missy Tippens, Ruth Logan Herne, Debby Giusti at the Harlequin Party, Waldorf Astoria

Above: We had so much fun at the party Harlequin throws for its authors each year. This year, they had a red carpet rolled out, and we got our photo taken as we arrived. We felt like celebrities! :) [Note: Don't know where the orb came from in the photo! It's not a spot on my black dress! :)]

You can see that we had a fun evening at Epcot! We walked through all the countries (which included visits with Mary Poppins, Ariel and Cinderella) and ended with having an amazing dinner in France.

Darlene Buchholz, Janet Dean, Mary Poppins!, Lindi Peterson and Debby Giusti at Epcot. Not pictured, Missy (the photographer), and Janet's husband who was a off trying to get us a FastPass!
I hope you've enjoyed the photos! Have you ever been to Disney World? What was your favorite part?


  1. cool shots Missy,
    sounds like ya had a good time,

    thanks for sharing!

    take care

  2. Hi, Jel! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we had a blast! And attended some amazing workshops.

  3. We saw "Mary Poppins" one evening when we were at Epcot after RWA. I kept thinking she must be SWELTERING under all those petticoats!!!

  4. Your photos make me sorry I missed Nationals. I'm so glad you ladies had a blast!

  5. Loved seeing the pictures! What a wonderful place to have a writers conference - in the land of make believe!