Friday, September 24, 2010

Annual Shoe Contest!

Angie here: The Faith Girls at the Writing By Faith Blog have an annual shoe contest after the ACFW conference awards banquet each year. How do you win? You answer the riddle--Who's who in the shoe?

Who's who in the shoe?
How did the contest come to be? A lark. Yep. We all admired each other's shoes at the first conference we attended and took a photo. It was a hoot! It was also a hit when we turned it into a fun contest for prizes. And now it's annual. Yep. Just 'cause we like to laugh, look at each other's pretty shoes, and give things away.

Prizes! Yes, there are lots of lovely prizes being given away with this contest.

~In celebration of the new hard copy release in October, Angie is giving away an e-book version of Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance.
~Jennifer honors coffee lovers with a Starbuck's gift card and a copy of her latest, Highland Blessings.
~Missy is giving an Embracing God Journal by Anne Graham Lotz.
~Lindi adds Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson. Absolutely appropriate since we featured Janice this week :-)
~Mindy chose a mystery gift to be revealed during the week. Be watching for an additional hint.
~Christy found a special year round devotional book.

Since we've been doing this a few years now, we decided to add a little twist. You're getting to know us too well and just might figure it out a tad bit too easily...don't you think?

So this year we have quite the challenge for you. Match the Faith Girl to her shoe and then tell us who fills our mystery agent shoes. Fill out our Match Game correctly and be in for the drawing. Sure, you can try more than once, but we won't tell you until we announce the winner next Free For All Friday!

Tell your friends and come play! We may offer hints through the week and bonus opportunities for another chance to get your name in the drawing. So don't miss a day!

Be sure to leave us a way to contact you and tell us who's who in the shoe. Copy and paste the list and add your guess for your chance to win the fabulous prizes listed above! Prizes awarded to the winner next Free For All Friday! We'll contact the winner for their address and email in order to send the prize package.

Hint: Lindi was not able to attend this year.
Hint: There are more than 5 shoes.
Hint: Two are men.

Who's who in the shoe?

Lindi: Present in spirit, but not in shoe shot.
Mystery Agent 1:
Mystery Agent 2:
Dead Give Away Agent:


  1. Okay, Blogger ate my first comment. I'll try again. :)

    How fun, Angie! I can't wait to see the guesses! :)

  2. We've had one on facebook that Jenn is wearing the lace up shoes ;-)

    I'm sure there are a few dead give aways, but I love the mystery agents. I'm already planning how to dress for next year's Shoe Shot, lol. This is way too fun!


  3. Angie: sandal on the left
    Christy:black mule with buckle
    Jennifer:black strappy sandal
    Lindi: Present in spirit, but not in shoe shot.
    Mindy:red peep toe
    Missy: black sandal with black "jewels"
    Mystery Agent 1: Randy Ingermanson
    Mystery Agent 2:Tamela Hancock Murray
    Dead Give Away Agent: Chip MacGregor

  4. I was there for the famous shoe picture so I'm ineligible. **sigh** The guesses will be fun to watch roll in though!

  5. I missed not being there! Thanks for stopping by Melinda.

  6. Okay, I'm going to give this a shot.

    Clockwise, starting from Chip McGregor.

    Lindi (in spirit)
    Chip McGregor
    Natasha Kern
    Terry Burns

    And then we're back to Chip again. Okay, I'm way off, I know, but I gave it my all! :-)

    Wish I could have been there to put my turqoise toenails in the picture, too! :-) Lindi and I were secretly eating popcorn and watching the Liveblog. (Okay, we weren't, but I was thinking of you all!)

  7. Sorry, should have said "clockwise starting from midnight. :-)

  8. I'm just becoming familiar with y'all, but this is fun, so I'll give it a shot.

    Angie: Black jeweled toe-strap sandal at 5 o'clock;

    Christy: Brown sandal on left, at 9o'clock;

    Jennifer: Black strap sandal w/back stones, on right, at 3 o'clock;

    Lindi: Present in spirit, but not in shoe shot.

    Mindy: brown pump at 10 o'clock

    MA 1: Wing-tip, male, at 12 o'clock, Chip MacGregor;

    Missy: Black buckled mule at 2 o'clock;

    MA 2: Red open-toe, at 6 o'clock, Tamela Hancock Murray;

    Dead Give-away Agent: Black oxford, at 7 o'clock, Randy Ingermanson.

    I must admit that I am suspicious of the foot in the brown pump. Something just isn't right. Hmmmmmm...

    This was fun. You ought to try doing it with handbags sometime, say, at the anniversary of your blog, perhaps.

  9. Weeeee.........This contest ride is so fun! So glad for all of you (Melinda, Rebecca & Sharon) that are giving this a try!

  10. Okay, I'm going to give this a try:

    Male shoe at the 12 o'clock postion: Chip

    The jeweled mule at 1 o'clock: Missy

    The jeweled sandal at 3: Jennifer(thank heavens, she didn't have a bruise on her foot from where I stepped on her in the elevator!)

    The sandal at 5: Christy

    The red sandal: Mindy(who did a great job at announcing the Carols!)

    The Black Wingtip at 7: Steve Laube

    The strappy sandal: Angie(who looked amazing when she talked to me early in the evening.)

    The brown pump: Tamela Hancock Murray(who had a beautiful suit to match!)

    Cute contest--loved seeing all of you. And Lindy, you were missed!

    Patty Smith Hall
    Southeastern ACFW Loop