Sunday, September 26, 2010

Conference Events - LaShea's Favorite List

Christy here and if you're planning to attend any writers conference to rest, you may want to reconsider. I have never rested very much at all at any of the writer's conferences I've attended. In fact, when I go to the room and try to rest, my mind won't slow down. There are too many things to do and too little time to accomplish them.

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite events that occurred at this year's conference.  Who knows, my favorite list may encourage you to attend next year. And if you look really hard, you may discover a clue, or two, that will help you figure out the puzzle of our Shoe Contest this year.

LaShea's ACFW Favorite list:

1) Late night Chats/Workshops.
    For 2 years in a row I've visited the Steeple Hill Chat. I admire the publishing house and I love their writers. This year Emily Rodmell and Tina James presented updates on what the Steeple Hill Lines are accepting and their criteria. Both editors are so sincere and always seem excited about the stories they produce. As a writer, the excitement I sense from their house filters through so that I look forward to crafting stories that may suit one of their lines.
This year, I also attended the Agent Panel hosted by Steve Laube. On his panel were Tamela Hancock-Murray(Hartline Literary Agency), Etta Wilson(Books & Such) and Tami Heim (The A Group). I also covered this chat for the October issue of the Afictionado magazine. Again, this was a panel of agents who love what they do. That was evident in the way they approached our questions and shared their knowledge of the industry.

2) Worship.
     Each day there are times for worshiping and singing songs of praise to our Lord. The first day, when Rachel Hauck led the band in a David Crowder song, we thought of Lindi... as you all know, she loves the David Crowder band. And the John Waller song, "Waiting," is like an anthem for us as writers... "I will serve You while I'm waiting."

3) High Intensive courses.
   Agents, authors and screenwriters made up the faculty for this year's continuing education and elective workshops. There's something for everyone at every level. This year I sat in on "Inside the Acquisitions Meeting" conducted by Thomas Nelson. It was interesting to watch their "mock" acquisitions meeting. I think if you are seriously considering a career in writing, the more informed you become, the better off you will be. This business is not easy and nothing is for certain. Approach your writing the way you would with any new business endeavor - be informed, be well-equipped, know and love your product.

4) I love seeing my friends.
   People I've met through Facebook and Twitter... Putting the face with the digital image is always fun. Seeing friends from past conferences, rooting these friends on as we wait in Purgatory for the Agent/Editor appointments. Cheering for these friends as their name is announced for winning a draw during one of the general meetings or at the annual banquet when their name is announced as a finalists or as they win their category. I've never seen another writers group with more support. No matter where you are in your writing, no matter your accomplishments, there's a place for you in ACFW.

I could go on, but now, I turn the tables on you. What was your favorite thing about ACFW this year or in past years? Who's been to other conferences and had wonderful experiences? Or share your bad... The FAITH Girls have sweet shoulders to cry on...

And while you're commenting, don't forget to guess who's shoe belongs to Who! You never know where you may find a hint dropped... Good Luck!


  1. Hi Christy,
    It's very hard to pinpoint one thing I liked about the conference. It was so awesome to meet people I have interacted with through ACFW loops and blogs! Now when I see someone's name, I will know who that person really is.

    The worship, prayer room and singing in the choir were truly highlights.

    And of course, the classes I took were so informative!

    Finally the people I rode with :) and roomed with :) were just delightful!


  2. I am sorry I missed the conference. If I'd of known there'd be singing of Crowder songs, well.....

    Seriously, though, the ACFW conference has always been great. Every time I've gone I've taken away something from it.

  3. Okay, trying again. Blogger ate my comment.

    I highly recommend James Scott Bell's early bird workshop. I imagine most of the information is in one of his how-to books, so be sure to check them out!

  4. By the way, Glynna Kaye posted a great recap of the Steeple Hill spotlight this past Wednesday on the Seekerville blog. She tells some of the info they gave about the different lines and what they're looking for. Here's the link (just add the www before it).

  5. I loved, loved, loved having the media at ACFW's conference this year! So many authors were interviewed and introduced to reporters and organizations as well as a book store chain owner. The relationships between the authors and these VIP visitors to the conference is significant! It was such a joy to be able to be part of bringing these professionals into the midst of our members. Amazing opportunity!
    Angie Breidenbach

  6. You're right, Angie! It was amazing to have them there. I got to have an interview with RT and also met Diane from And the appointment with Rusty Shelton was outstanding.

    Great work!

  7. Oops. Spelled Diane wrong. it's Dianne. :)

  8. Yeah, Missy, those double n's will get you every time. People always leave that out of my name too. **grin**

    As a first-time attender to the Conference this year, I would have to say that I loved it all! I must admit getting to play dress up on Sunday night was really a lot fun even though I was drop dead tired.

  9. Yeah, Diana--er, Dianna. ;)

    I love dressing up, too, since I so rarely get to.