Thursday, September 2, 2010

For Fun...

Hi! Missy here. And it's nice to meet you.

Well, maybe not actually meet some of you. Some of you hang around with us regularly everyday already. So I guess what I'd like to say is, "Nice to get to know you!"

Some of you may have done memes on your blog. That's kind of like what we're doing today. Just to get to know each other better...

So, name 4 interesting (or not so interesting) things we might not know about you. I'll go first..

1. I'm a former microbiologist.
2. I'm a former cat person who is now a dog person.
3. My favorite color is purple. :)
4. The last time I tried to water ski, I pulled the muscles in my back and could hardly get back in the boat. :)

Okay, now it's your turn to answer your 4 things (in the comments section)...


  1. Oh Missy, LOL about the skiing incident! I haven't attempted skiing since I was 10 yrs old...

    1) I'm a claims adjuster for property & casualty claims.

    2)I used to love to sleep late on my days off, but now, I feel better when I get up super early.

    3)My favorite color is pink. Although, I wear a lot of brown and black.

    4)I like to be alone, however, I do not like to eat in restaurants alone.

  2. Thinking this early in the morning? I'll try, but everyone may just have to shake their heads if I don't make sense...

    1) I'm a high school Special Education Collaborative teacher who took an eleven year break to homeschool my kids. (Been back 5 years now.)

    2) My home state is NC.

    3) I love Star Trek.

    4) I'm a technology nut. Anything relating to computers or techie toys and I want one, want to learn about it, or just simply salivate.

    Does that work??? (Hehe)

  3. Missy, no wonder we're such great friends. I can't water ski and my fav color is purple!

    4 things:

    1. I wanted to be a professional bowler.

    2. My first car was a Camaro.

    3. I eat peanut butter and mayo sandwiches for lunch a lot. (I take my lunch to work almost every day.)

    4. I would love to write a devotional book.

    There you go. And don't gross out about the peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. I've been eating them since I can remember. It's all in what you get used to:)

  4. Hey, Christy! I love pink, too. It's probably my second fav. And believe it or not, I like to eat alone at restaurants--but only if I have a book in hand. :)

    Thanks for taking part today!

  5. Dianna, you were totally coherent bright and early this morning! :)

    I love tech stuff as well. I used to subscribe to a computing magazine years ago after I got my first computer. But now I'm not quite as up on things. Still, I think it's all very cool! Right now, I've very tempted by the new Kindle that's a much more reasonable price. Maybe after a couple of paychecks I'll think more seriously about splurging.

  6. Lindi, I don't think I knew you usually had mayo on your p-butter sandwiches! I'm pretty sure they mixed it in the sandwiches I had in elementary school. I actually like to mix the peanut butter and jelly together. :)

    Oh, and you know, at Harry & David, I bought this really cool PBJ tool. It has a handle with a purple narrow silicone spreader at one end and a brown one at the other end. You spread one side of your bread, then flip it around and spread the other. Very cool! Of course, your purple end would have to spread mayo. ;)

  7. What a fun post! Let's see - 4 things:

    1. I play the piano.
    2. I sing - but only if no one is around to hear me!
    3. Speaking of p-butter, I love to put p-butter on thin bagel, nutrella on top and have a banana to go with it - my fav brekfast meal.
    4. I'm a jewelry, shoe and handbag freak!!

  8. Edwina! I recently bought Nutella at my daughter's request. I haven't tried it yet but will definitely do so!

    I also love the thin bagels for breakfast sandwiches. i get the Everything bagels and put egg and cheese on it. And sometimes splurge on bacon. :)

    You do know we're going to make you sing next time we see you, don't you??

    :) Thanks for taking part!

  9. Missy,

    I want a Kindle too!!! So glad the price went down. Thought I have looked at the Nook too. I'm thinking of asking my parents and hubby to chip in for Christmas for one of the e-readers.

    Oh, and I forgot my fav color this morning. It's ... drum roll please...

    BLACK. (Thought I was going to say something else didn't you?)

    No, I'm not joking. Love that color or the absence of color depending on the artist or scientist definition. Matches everything!

  10. Peanut butter fans, unite! I have a hard time making it through the day without PB. Typically it's PB on half of a double fiber english muffin for breakfast.

    1) I like firearms, even though they scare me. AND, I've shot a machine gun.

    2) I've processed my own deer meat. (I don't recommend this one unless you know the parts of the deer)

    3) My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla (technically, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla).

    4) I'm a weather junkie. When there's a storm, command post is my office with no less than two radars up, along with local forecasts on the TV.

  11. I love learning about all of you!

    Ooh, this is hard!

    4 things about me you might not know:
    I learned to read by 4 yrs. old.

    My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs.

    I really, really don't like little yappy rats, um, dogs. (Which everyone knows means that at sometime in my life I will end up with one. That's irony.)

    I can't get my printer to work so I use my husband's even though I have to go down 3 flights of stairs to get my work! Anyone want a printer that only works with PCs? sigh.

    I just have to toss in here that I love purple, pink, blue, black, red...vibrant colors and colors that create sharp, vivid settings.

  12. Getting to know everyone is great fun! Here are my four:

    1. I have always been a dog person (I became allergic to cats out of the blue when I was about 9.)

    2. I'm a certified teacher seriously considering homeschooling my three year old daughter

    3. I am a night-owl

    4. I own a web-development company with my husband. Hence why I don't have my own website yet. LOL

  13. Mindy! I had no idea! I maybe could have guessed the vanilla ice cream, but had no idea about the other three. :) So cool! (And yes, you're definitely from Texas.) ;)

    I'm with you on the weather. Although a milder version. :) I keep the TV on and will stay up most of the night if there's a tornado watch or threat of severe storm. I have a hard time trusting my weather radio.

  14. Angie, sounds like you've established a new exercise program! Running stairs to get to the printer. LOL

  15. Eva Maria, thanks for sharing! That's so cool that y'all own a web development company! But so funny that you don't have a website yet. I guess you put yourself way far down the list. :)

    You'll have to let us know if you decide to home school. I'd love to hear how it goes.

  16. Here's mine:

    1. I spent 11 years as a missionary in Bolivia

    2. I coached or assisted with a varsity homeschool girls basketball team for for about 10 years.

    3. For me, there's no food to equal a great salsa.

    4. In October, I plan to go to London and Paris for the first time in my life--thanks to a gift from my daughter.

  17. Teri, very interesting stuff!

    You know, the best salsa I think I've ever had was a watermelon salsa. Sweet and spicy. Yum!

    Your trip sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great time.

  18. This IS great fun!

    Let's see:

    1) I like to sleep with the sound of a fan, so it can't be one of those quiet ones and it doesn't have to be blowing directly on me.

    2) I wanted to be a track star Olympian.

    3) Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I always like going to the mountains for my birthday.

    4) I went snow skiing once and thought I was going to break something, jet skiing once and thought I was going to die--I'll stay with parasailing over the ocean. It doesn't scare me half as bad.

    My favorite colors: pink, red, purple, but I also wear a lot of hunter green, tan, brown, and black. I hate yellow.

  19. Missy, my signature recipe (so I'm told) is grape salsa. It seems to be required that I bring it to every function I attend where a dish is required. I bet you'd like it too.

  20. Jenn, I like white noise, too. I love the sound of water--one of those little fountains or else a recording.

    Mindy, please send me the recipe!! :)