Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prizes are stacking up in the Who's Shoe Contest! More added!

Angie here: Seriously, the prize package is growing. Really awesome stuff that I wish I could win. Instead, we're giving it all away :-)

Prizes! Yes, there are lots of lovely prizes being given away with this contest. It's just plain fun!

~In celebration of the new hard copy release in October, Angie is giving away an e-book version of Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance.
~Jennifer honors coffee lovers with a Starbuck's gift card and a copy of her latest, Highland Blessings.
~Missy is giving an Embracing God Journal by Anne Graham Lotz.
~Lindi adds Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson. Absolutely appropriate since we featured Janice this week :-)
~Mindy chose a mystery gift to be revealed during the week. Be watching for an additional hint.
~Christy found a special year round devotional book.

Previously Added prizes: A tote bag and a Walmart gift card.

And today, I'm adding a set of chocolate spoons!

So this year we have quite the challenge for you. Match the Faith Girl to her shoe and then tell us who fills our mystery agent shoes. Fill out our Match Game correctly and be in for the drawing. Sure, you can try more than once, but we won't tell you until we announce the winner next Free For All Friday!

Tell your friends and come play! Just by playing, you have a chance to win. We are offering hints through the week and bonus opportunities for another chance to get your name in the drawing. So don't miss a day! Go back and comment on the previous days.

Be sure to leave us a way to contact you and tell us who's who in the shoe. Copy and paste the list and add your guess for your chance to win the fabulous prizes listed above! Prizes awarded to the winner this Free For All Friday! We'll contact the winner for their address and email in order to send the prize package.

Hints: Match 2 Faith Girls to their dresses.

Who's who in the shoe? (Just cut and paste the list into your comments to make it easier.)

Lindi: Present in spirit, but not in shoe shot.
Mystery Agent 1:
Mystery Agent 2:
Dead Give Away Agent:Yes, you guessed it...Chip MacGregor stopped by to share the shoes worn with a kilt.


  1. Good luck everyone! And remember, we've given clues away to the Mystery Agents in each of our posts since last Friday!!

  2. Thanks Christy - I'll need to reread them all :)

  3. Oh, yeah...we have been giving clue..I think I gave one.