Monday, September 27, 2010

Who The Shoe Fits!

Lindi here.

Yes, Lindi who is not in the shoe picture.
Bummer!! (clue number one!)

Because they are such great shoes. Don't you agree?

I mean we've got color, diamonds, shine, straps. All the makings of great shoes. And some of those shoes looked like they AREN'T made for walking. Dancing and partying maybe, but not walking.

You wouldn't find those red shoes walking across the second largest state in the United States now would you?

And what about those strappy sandals at nine o'clock? Do they look like they can out run a grizzly? I don't think so.

The shoes at 7 o'clock look like they can make it across the lobby a whole lot faster than those shoes at 11 o'clock? Who's for a race between those two?

Now the three shoes on the right? Yes, those extremely revealing ones? They look like they'd be great shoes to wear south of the Mason Dixon line don't they?

And that shoe at 12 o'clock? Well, I don't know where in the world they found that? Must have traveled far and wide I believe.

I don't know a thing about these shoes since I wasn't there. So I had to use my imagination. Aren't you glad a lot of you saw these people wearing these shoes? You should be a 'shoe in' for a correct answer and all the fabulous prizes.

Come on---help me find out who the shoe fits!!!


  1. Lindi, I'm smiling. Love your post. Good job.

  2. Well, I left a comment earlier, and it posted. But, alas, now it's gone! Blogger must've thought it a tasty treat to have eaten it after it was posted.

    Very revealing post, Lindi. I'm bummed that I'm disqualified because I was there when the shoe picture was taken. But, my lips are sealed. No clues from me. It's enough that I can count you six ladies among my friends. (If I'm wrong about that just let me live in ignorance. Hehe.)

  3. Dianna,

    Of course you are my friend!! ---and I know I speak for everyone!

  4. Cute, Lindi!

    And Dianna, of course you are!

  5. OK - I'll take a shot:
    1PM - Black shoe, silver buckle - Christy
    3 PM - Strappy, sparkles - Angie
    5 PM - T-strap, sparkles - Missy
    6 PM - red shoes - Mindy
    7-8 - man's shoe - Randy Moss???
    9 PM - Mystery Agent 1
    11PM - - pointed toe - Jennifer
    12PM - Mystery Agent 2