Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do You Think Everyone is Creative in Some Way?

Missy Tippens, here. Mindy and I are switching post days this week. She'll be here on Thursday.

Are you creative? I know we usually talk about writing here on the blog. But I want to talk about anything you do that is creative. I've shared a photo here of a bracelet I made years ago when I was really into making jewelry. It's actually got gorgeous ruby colored crystal beads, but I couldn't get good lighting for my phone camera. :)

 I've also spent time in years past cross stitching. Took drawing lessons. Made pottery. Did flower arranging. Painted ceramics. Knitted a sweater sleeve. :) Wrote poetry when I was a teenager. Played the piano. Played the violin, cello, oboe and alto sax. Love to sing to this day. Play hand bells. I think the only thing I've really wanted to do but haven't yet pursued is painting. (My dad has done amazing oil paintings!)

I think everyone has an inborn need to be creative. And an inborn ability. God has given each and every one of us gifts! And we should be sharing it with others. You just have to find what you enjoy most. And find what you're good at. Of course, it's not just a matter of being born good at something. Any creative endeavor requires practice. LOTS of practice to become proficient. But there's something wonderful about he process, even if we never become proficient at something. It's wonderful to discover talents and desires God has blessed us with.

So what do you love to create? And if you haven't dared attempt something, what have you considered? What do you wish you could do? Of course you know I'm going to tell you not to just wish it. You need to get out there and try it! And come back and tell us how it went. :)


  1. Missy, I've tried to be creative in different things as well. for a while, I painted using acrylics and water colors. Bless my mother, she has one of my paintings sitting out on her table at her home. It is a painting of the mountains. Only a mother could love it :)

    I also tried crocheting. I have a very long afghan I started about 10-20 years ago that I never finished. I think I may finish it one day, though.

    I used to play piano - took lessons as a child and still remember some of what I learned. I was in theater in high school and really enjoyed acting and being in musicals. I love to sing, but I don't think I'm very good at it.

    Mostly, I love writing stories!

  2. I am extremely uncreative. There are things I've done, cross stitched-I even made an afghan once. But I can't do crafts well at all. I can't paint, draw, sing. I used to take piano lessons and remember a couple of songs.
    But you know how there are those who have that creative "eye". They can see a bunch of sticks, paint, ribbons and maybe a cardboard box and envision a finish product.
    Nada-here. Show me something already made and i can attempt, but don't ask me to have an original idea. It usually doesn't work.

  3. I've always said I'm not creative. My sister got all those traits - sewing, crocheting, baking, cooking, etc. You name it and she can do it.

    I can play the piano I sing great - when I'm in the car alone! :)

  4. Christy, you sound like me. All over the place! :)

    Lindi, don't say you're not creative! You write books, so obviously you are! I bet you could do a lot more with sticks, paint and ribbon than you think. :)

    Edwina, I think you and Lindi probably have had that drilled in your heads (or have drilled it into your own heads). But I bet if you tried some of those things your sister does, you'd find you're better than you think. I imagine that whether or not we enjoy it has a lot to do with how good we think we are. Maybe you just don't enjoy those things. :)


  5. Well, I've played the flute since I was 11, and still love pulling it out once in a while.

    I've always written poetry. I took an art class in school and had some of my art displayed. I could probably have done better there if I'd have pursued it, but at the time I enjoyed band more.

    I went through a phase of making beaded hairbows when my daughter was smaller. Why pay $5 for a hairbow when I could make it for less than a buck?

    I really got into scrapbooking when my kids were smaller, but due to the amount of time it takes I couldn't keep it up.

    I wrote my own science curriculum when I homeschooled, and I wrote the curriculum me and another lady used when we taught children's church weekly.

    I could probably sew if I really tried because my mom always could make her own patterns to sew with by just looking at something. She also redoes furniture and builds things, but again I've never really been interested in those things so I've not expended the energy to learn.

  6. I like trying out all sorts of creative things.

    And this post reminded me of a conversation I had with someone years ago - she told me that she had never failed at anything and I thought that was sad, because to me, that just meant that she never stepped outside of her comfort zone. No one can be the best at everything and part of the fun in life is to try new things. Whether you are good at them or not doesn't really matter "it's the journey, not the destination".

  7. Dianna, you just reminded me that I've also sewn! I used to make my son's Halloween costumes. Then I passed them down through the other kids. :) One year, he wanted to be pizza! LOL And would you believe I found a pattern for a slice of pizza??! :)

    Eva Maria, I think the journey is important as well. We shouldn't be afraid to fail. If I had been scared to try writing, just think what I would have missed!