Monday, October 18, 2010

It's All Just Really A Process You Know

Happy Monday All!!!

Christy is still doing her Inspiring You Challenge over at her blog. Click HERE to join in the fun. It's not too late. We have people that are rocking the word count!

Also, I'm happy to announce author Jennette Green will be visiting us the first Monday in November. She's going to give a writing tip and she's also going to give away a copy of her newest release Her Reluctant Bodyguard. (Which if you haven't read it you should--fabulous!) Our F.A.I.T.H. friend Rebecca Syme gave a shout out to me about Her Reluctant Bodyguard. And Rebecca was spot on.

Wow--this post is starting out like some church services. "And before we begin here are the announcements!"
But this post isn't a sermon so.....

I really don't want to talk about revision, but since it's where I'm living in the writing world it's pretty much all I can think about. I write very lean first drafts. Between that and the fact that I don't outline makes for a very, let's say strenuous revision process. I write a lot of dialogue in my first draft. I've already added 40 pages and I'm barely a third of the way through this revision. I still have 15K words to write, (which is one reason I joined Christy's Inspiring You Challenge.)
So, while I can usually write a book fairly quickly, my revision process takes more than it's fair share of time.
Now I know my process would drive some of you crazy. But, after 7 manuscripts this is how I found that I work best. There is no right or wrong way to write. It's all about finding YOUR way.

I know we've delved into this topic before, but it's always fun to revisit.

So, what's your process? And if mine would drive you crazy, let me know!!

Lindi Peterson
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. I've gone back and inserted dialog too. Sometimes I need to flesh out the scene that is all dialog. I'm a pantzer too.

    Like you say, it's all about finding your path.

    Looks like you're going to be having some fun blogs coming up!

  2. Lindi, so glad you are enjoying the challenge. It really helps me to have support. Still, I haven't written as much as I intended to write. I still have another couple of weeks, though!

    Yes, looks like some great posting to come in the future.

    As for processes, I'm still tweaking mine. For this one, I've got a bare-bones outline. Half the characters didn't have names and I'm working on that. I've also written what I'm calling a "story draft" which is similar to a synopsis. I'm hoping it will help guide me through the story.

  3. Sia--Welcome fellow pantster! Glad to see I'm not alone. And it is about finding your path.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Christy,
    yes, thanks again for posting the challenge. I seem to be a little iffy during the week, but managed to make up quite a bit over the weekend.

    I'm not sure if I could write a story draft. But I've never tried it. Well, maybe my first draft IS the story draft--it's so lean!!

  5. You know, I think I've done every single book differently! But mainly, I do planning and charts first (lots of backstory stuff), then I try to come up with the major plot points. And the ending. Then I write the first 3 chapters. Then the synopsis. Of course, this is for proposals. Once I sell the book, I jump in and write like crazy--looking at the synopsis as needed to make sure I'm not straying too far. :)

    Sia, thanks for stopping by today!

    BTW, I've been out of town so missed the end of last week. I'll go and try to catch up on posts as soon as I can!

  6. I've learned to do more planning and outlining in the beginning, but I'm still learning my revision process. I tend to push the first draft out quickly, then have to go back and layer in details, tags, setting, and dialogue. Sometimes another scene here or there. I'm always short on my word count in the beginning too.

  7. A story has to begin to ferment in my brain before I can really start writing. I'm a pantzer like you, Lindi, but I have to let that story nugget sit there for a while as I gather information and get to know my characters. Of course, they still love to surprise me along the writing process.

  8. I think it took 7 books before I figured out what works for me. Like Missy, my process was different with each one. It's only been with books 8 and 9 that I'm finally settling into a routine.

    I begin with my character sketch and then create a basic outline. Then I start writing. My first drafts are pretty detailed. I build the characterization, plot, dialogue, and descriptions as I go along. My revisions are the rewrites they used to be!