Thursday, October 14, 2010

While the World Watched

Mindy in for Missy today. So were you as riveted to the evening news last night as I was? The entire world cheered as the last of thirty-three Chilean miners emerged from the bowels of the earth after being trapped for sixty-nine days. Tears streamed down my face as the miracle unfolded on television sets world wide.

There were many things about this event that sparked our interest. First, it was the sheer horror of thirty-three men trapped somewhere, a half a mile inside the earth. Then, seventeen days later, rescuers located them--and they were all alive! The international community, the best of the best, the most advanced technology anywhere, came together with one goal. To rescue these men.

Then they lowered a camera inside the mountain and we saw the miners faces. At that moment, we cared.

As writers, we strive to craft characters our readers will care about. Sometimes they're relatable, others are larger than life. We give them flaws and traits and, as the characters are revealed, the reader cheers them on, wanting them to emerge victorious.

One by one, as the miners were plucked from the earth, their stories began to unfold. Stories of courage, spirit, and faith. Stories we can all learn from. Stories that are still being told.

Did you watch any of the rescue coverage? What was going through your head? Did you cry? Were you elated?

Happy Tues--er, make that Happy Thursday :-)


  1. It was an amazing event from start to finish. I was moved by the fact that the miners asked for Bibles right after they were located and Bibles were lowered down to them. They set up a makeshift church. Many of them gave thanks to God for the rescue. And what made all of that even more amazing was the fact that the media reported it.

  2. Yes! On the national evening news there was lots of talk about the miners' faith, but later, on the prime time news program, there was little mention of their faith. I guess they thought they gave it too much airplay the first time. But I, for one, was glad they talked about it.