Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tippens family at Giants-Braves game
Missy Tippens, here. I just finished watching the Giants and Phillies game and I'm so, so excited! Our nephew, Buster Posey, is the catcher for the Giants, and he had a great night! He had 4 hits (the most for a rookie in postseason since like 1924)--two doubles, and 2 RBI's. He had a great tag at home plate. And the Giants won a nail-biter!

It's been so exciting to watch Buster play. To see him living out his dreams in a thrilling season. Sometimes, they'll show a closeup on TV, and I can almost imagine he's thinking, "This is unreal." If they win one more and go to the World Series, how amazing would that be? His rookie year?


Imagine how it would it feel to hit the NY Times Bestseller list on a first book? :)

A side note...For the fun of it, I just googled Buster for the first time. And there's actually a page on Wikipedia! It's got every detail in there. But for some reason, it doesn't mention his Aunt Missy. Hmmm. I wonder why...? ;)

Okay, back to my post. So what do you dream of doing? Dreams are wonderful. But they don't usually happen unless we do the work. Buster has worked really hard ever since he began playing in Dixie Youth Baseball. And he still works hard. You could see it in the post-game interviews tonight. He wasn't celebrating. He was already looking toward tomorrow night and getting the job done.

I'll ask again, what do you dream of doing? And what's one step you can take to move toward achieving that dream? If you'll share with us, I'll do a drawing from those who leave a comment to give away a $10 Amazon gift card. So please share! Maybe we can help encourage and support you in your quest.


  1. I would like to travel more. My short term dream is to take my daughter to Disney World. We are hoping to do that next year. I'm wondering how my son, who will be 1.5 next year will do... hmm...

    Another dream I'm already pursuing is writing to be published. A NYT listing would be awesome, but I think holding a published book that I wrote would be pretty sweet.

  2. Oh, and Missy I love the shot of your family at the game! Buster has a lot of us rooting for him!! Even my Dodger's fan hubby! And he usually doesn't prefer the Giants.

  3. I agree with Christy that finally holding that published book would be awesome! My dream encompasses a little more than that though. My dream is to be able to write full time, to be able to quit my full-time job and spend my days with my characters. That seems far away right now, but every time I sit down to write I take another step toward that dream coming true.

  4. Missy, I love the pic!! And it WAS a great game.
    i've been feeling God stirring around in my life lately. I don't know which direction I'm headed. I would love to be in full time ministry while writing. I would love to be able to give to those who need what they need. I would love to be able to live like Jesus did. (And I promise that's not just the 'good' church answers. It's what is really on my heart.)

  5. Christy, Disney World is great for kids! Of course your son will be too young to appreciate it. But your daughter will love it! We went when our youngest was 8, and they all loved it. Very worth the saving for a couple of years beforehand to make it happen! :) (Yep, that's one of the steps to prepare. Start the vacay fund!)

    I know you're taking great steps toward the publishing. Keep at it!

  6. You're right, Dianna! Stay on track, and maybe you'll be doing that full-time writing gig! :)

  7. Lindi, I can so see you doing that!! It'll be fun to watch and see what God does! :)

  8. My dream is to retire so that I can travel with my husband - business and pleasure travel - and to have more time to write!

  9. My dream is to own my own house in the country somewhere and have golden retrievers.

    Well, I guess my dream is also to hold my published book in my hand. I just don't want anyone else to read it. :-) That might be an issue...

  10. I have lots of dreams; it's why I play the lottery :)

    But seriously, if my family is healthy and happy, I'm good.

    However, professionally, I would love to be published and not for any crazy fame wanting attention, that I could live without, but the self-fulfillment would be nice.

  11. Edwina, retirement sounds wonderful! And I love to travel. I hope you get to do that soon. :)

    LOL, Rebecca! I used to be scared to let anyone else read my work. But then I started entering contests, and that quickly broke me of the fear! :)

    Eva Maria, a happy, healthy family is the best thing of all! :)

  12. I did the drawing, and Dianna is our winner! Dianna, I'll email you. Congrats!

    Thanks to all of you for taking part, for sharing your dreams with us.

  13. My dream was being a published author and I finally accomplished it this year! But I have other dreams. I want to succeed at writing to be able to stay home and write. I want to travel to speak at events and ministries, as well as do research and take my family on the journey.

    I have dreams for my daughter and our retirement when the time comes.

    I dream of going to Scotland!

    I dream of seeing my brother healed, less dependent on my parents, and able to be approved for Medicaid.

    And the list goes on...

  14. I hope everyone's dreams come true one day! :)

    Congratulations Dianna!