Monday, November 8, 2010

....And They Tell Two Friends! (And WInner)

Back in the 80's there was a Faberge Organic Shampoo commercial where Heather Locklear said the shampoo was so good that she told her friend, and then they told a friend and so on and so on.

The commercial reiterates what we all know is true. Word of mouth is the best advertising. All people have to do is start talking about something and there it goes. In my opinion no amount of financial backing or posters on the wall can sell a product as well as the verbal grapevine.

We've all done it. We've all read that great book, saw that great movie, tried that great recipe. We've all experienced something that we wanted to share with someone else.

That's what last week's post was about. Rebecca told me about Jennette's book. I've told people about the book and I wanted to give a copy away so someone else can have a chance to read it. I put the link to the blog on Facebook and I had a friend comment that she'd already downloaded the book onto her Kindle.

And speaking of Rebecca---she is our WINNER! So, Rebecca has another copy of Her Reluctant Bodyguard to give to someone so they can have a chance to read it. And they'll tell somebody about it and so on and so on.

So, tell about a time when you've recommended something to someone. We'd love to hear about books, movies, food, anything you'd like to tell two friends!! (You know so they can tell two friends, and so on, and so on!)


  1. Hahaha!!! That absolutely kills me. I was going to say in my comments that you didn't have to enter me in the drawing. :-)

    How about this... any of the FAITH girls not read the book yet and want my copy?

    I only say this because I bought like six copies on Amazon to have ready whenever someone wants to read the book. :-) So I'm stocked!! :-)

    But thank you SO much, Lindi. And if everyone already has a copy, I'll definitely take it. You can never have too many "Her Reluctant Bodyguard"s, in my experience.

    Everyone I've given it to so far has absolutely adored it!

  2. That's generous of you, Rebecca! I think Lindi is going to draw another name. :)

  3. Well, I tell people what I like and what I don't like all the time. So, in my opinion, I agree. Word of mouth is still #1.