Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping: Online or Traditional?

Jenn here. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And here's the million dollar question, have you started your Christmas shopping, yet? 

My husband thought he would try the Old Navy thing at 12 o'clock midnight, but he took one look at the 300-400 people waiting in line, camping out, and he drove right back home. I don't know about you, but no monetary, tangible gift is worth all that. I think I'd rather pay full price or buy something else. My husband looked at me and I looked at him, and we both agreed, "Online shopping!"

We can't imagine why people do that to themselves unless they just love the thrill of traffic, waiting in line, being around noisy people you don't know, chaos, etc. To us, it's exhausting.

So what about you? Online shopping, or the crowds and traffic?

BTW, yesterday we watched "Christmas with the Kranks" and I can tell you, it's VERY tempting to skip the Christmas busyness and go on a quiet vacation somewhere. I don't think Mr. Krank had such a bad idea. The commercialism of what Christmas has become takes Jesus right out of the meaning. 

Doing the online shopping keeps me out of that rush where I don't feel like I'm in a whirlwind. Also, I don't feel like I've got to make a split-second decision to buy or not to buy something simply because I'm already there and I don't want to have to come back and stand in line again. It's easier to do comparison shopping. 

What about you? How have you made your Christmas shopping experience easier?


  1. I agree with you, Jennifer. Fun? Being in all that madness? Not for me. My younger daughter revels in it. (And she calls ME quirky?)I tend to give books as gifts, so I definitely vote for online shopping. Just think of the time you save for writing!

    Write on!
    Because of Christ,
    Sharon Kirk Clifton

  2. We do almost all of our shopping online. It's so much easier - no crowds, you can take your time and shop when you want.

  3. I don't really like shopping, really don't like crowded shopping. My hubby and I started online shopping about 10 years ago and love it! Usually have it all done in an hour or two versus that in travel alone plus gas plus hassle plus fatigue. Just don't think the sales beat the costs.

    We were asked this year to skip church and spend more time with family for opening presents. My answer: NO! Christmas is not about earthly presents and I will not give up worship for something so frivolous. If they feel rushed, we'll quit and do the rest another day. Or just not. I think it's a sad loss that our culture thinks Christmas is all about family time. It's a blessing to get family time during this time of pondering the gift of Christ but family time is not a supposed to be an idol either.

    Love my family. Love spending time with them. I draw the line when someone tries to edge out Christ for presents.


  4. I don't like shopping either! The Black Friday madness keeps me in my house. My husband and I started a shopping tradition about 4 years ago--the first or second Saturday of December we head up to a little mountain town, Blue Ridge, Georgia, and shop the shops up there. We go with no expectations--if we buy we buy--if we don't we don't. We have found very unique gifts in Blue Ridge. We always eat lunch at Serendipity--a cafe that serves the best cream of mushroom soup ever!
    We avoid the mall at ALL costs!!

  5. Sharon, I have a friend at work who loves shopping in the midst of all that madness. I don't understand it--at all!

  6. Edwina and Angie, We still don't shop online as much as we ought to for Christmas, but we are moving more toward that direction.

  7. Lindi, Other than online shopping that sounds like my type of shopping!

  8. Jenn, I do a lot online. I started when the kids were really little so I wouldn't have to hire a babysitter or take them with me.

    I do not do the black Friday crowds. Although this year my son and daughter wanted to go to the mall. We just waited until about 3 pm and still found some good deals. It was about the same crowd you'd see on a weekend.

    Most years, I've just waited until the Monday after Thanksgiving to start any in-store shopping. The mall is usually dead then.

    I also like to buy gift cards. That way we can go shop later. Also, now that the kids are so old, they like to get cash. :)

    Nice and easy (except for taking a little time) gifts for grandparents can be made at sites like Snapfish. I made them custom calendars with family photos last year.