Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creating Websites

Christy here. Recently I toyed with the production of a website, using a product that is offered by the company I purchase web hosting.

I am accustomed to using Blogger for my blog, but I thought I needed a separate website for promotions when, and if, I publish a book.

I found the other product harder to use when compared to using Blogger. The end result was a pretty page, but I quickly realized I didn't have anything to fill those pages yet. I didn't want to put myself out there as an expert and since I'm not published, I decided that I didn't feel ready to have a website yet, for me. I mean, what more was I going to say on the website than what I was already saying on my blog?

A new feature of Blogger is that you can have the blog located at your own custom domain. You can purchase a domain through Blogger, or use a domain you've already purchased. Blogger is very user friendly in the way they walk you through the steps. If you can follow directions, you can set up a website on Blogger.

Blogger has also added new features where you can have multiple pages just like a website. I utilized this on my blog and if you hadn't already noticed, FAITH  blog has changed to, but our look is still the same. We removed the blogspot and updated our web address.

Having a web presence is important if you're wanting to promote a product. Whether you're writing a book or selling jewelery, or accessories, or want to tell the world about your latest health-food, cure-all sensation, the product we shouldn't live without, having a website is crucial.

What about you? Do you have a website or blog? Which do you prefer for where you are in your career?


  1. I love the ability to integrate my blog/website. It seems to be working quite well. Regardless of which domain people type in or link to, they find me at the same place. It seems to be increasing my my page views/hits. Also, I only have to update and make changes in one place. Time is too valuable to me these days to be wasting it on more than one site to maintain.

  2. I agree Jenn. I like the way you have your website organized.

  3. I have both - a website and a blog and need to learn how to connect them!

  4. I was about to say the same thing, Christy: I love Edwina's new photo!!

    As for website, I've had one since several years before I sold. In the beginning, I just had the basic one-pager. Talked about contest finals and wins. Gave a link to my blog once I started it. Had a brief bio. It was more of a placemarker for later.

    I still have separate blog and website. My website is pretty easy to update. Almost like doing a blog. (It's on Network Solutions.) But I'd really like to only have to update one. I just need to hire someone to mess with all of it. Will see how good the next royalty check is first! :)

  5. Missy, that's a good idea about just having one page and posting news about contests. That is putting the website to good use.