Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feeling the Changes of Publishing

For 3-4 years I've been hearing how the publishing industry is going to change. Print books are on their way out and e-books are the new rage. Traditionalists have been in denial, saying printed books will never go away. As a Generation Xer, I've never been convinced either way, content to sit back and watch what happens. I'm now convinced e-books are going to be the mainstream of the publishing industry and print books a former alternative medium.

Here in Charlotte, NC we are losing 2 major bookstores in Jan 2011. Joseph-Beth Bookstore andBorders Boolks & Music. This news is foollowing on the heels of the recent news that Barnes & Noble is up fpr sale. It isn't looking good for traditional bookstores. If people can't physically buy books, they will be forced to buy them online. The temptation to downloadit in less than a minute and void additional shipping costs is going to entice more people to consider e-books.

Now that i have a Kindle--andlove it--people at work were teasing me that i'vve gone to the dark side. I'm the reason their favorite bookstores are going out of busiess. Not so, I recognize permanent change when I see it. I'm not interested in being one of those floundering to keep up with change and not comprehending any of it. What about you?


  1. I just got a Kindle and love it. I do miss having a book cover on the Kindle, but the ease of it, well, you can understand the publishing industry embracing it. It is the wave of the future.

  2. Sherrinda,

    I too love my new Kindle! I do wish it had book covers in my downloaded list rather than just in the Kindle store. I also, keep wishing it was a touch screen. I'm assuming these features will be upgraded in the next couple of versions.

  3. I'm pretty sure the iPad has book covers on the screen. And it's a touch screen. But I bet you're right, Jenn. They'll move toward that eventually on the Kindle.

    You know, I've been downloading books to my computer when they're offered for free. (and the covers show up on my screen!) If I end up buying a Kindle, they'll load onto that.

  4. The covers are on the Kindle when you're in the Kindle Store, but after you download them, all you get is the title. I'd still like to see the cover after it's downloaded.

    Speaking of new technology, my hubby just bought my daughter the new Xbox Kinnect. She was with him when he got it. That thing is awesome! It puts the Wii to shame.

  5. I have a feeling my son will be asking for Kinnect for Christmas! :)