Thursday, November 18, 2010

Randy Ingermanson's Writing Fiction for Dummies (free offer!)

Missy, here. In case you're not on Randy Ingermanson's email newsletter list, I wanted to let you know about a chance to download his book, Writing Fiction for Dummies for FREE! from now until the 19th.

I didn't have this resource but had heard really good things about it. So this is a great chance to get it! If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free app that allows you to download the books to your computer (or iPhone, Droid, etc.) Click here for a page that tells you how to do so.

Then you can click here to go the the page offering Randy's book.

I've already downloaded mine and am amazed at all the info.

So now, a question...
What's one weakness in your writing that you'd like to work on right now? We should always be studying and learning!


  1. I did it! Thanks for sharing. I didn't even know there were free apps for pcs and such.
    I appreciate all the info. And I'm sure the book is going to be fantastic.

  2. Lindi, I've been downloading free books onto my computer--Kindle for Mac. And I've heard that once you buy a Kindle, everything on your computer will upload. :) I bet I've already got 40 books--most of them free.

  3. Hi Missy:

    I check Amazon everyday for the free Kindle books.

    I think these free books create a marketing problem for authors. I am working on this problem now to see what the ramifications will be.

    What do you think about having your books available for free?

    If one of your books was available on Amazon, would you want anyone to know? I’m not sure that I would. Ideally, I would want to give free books to people who would not otherwise have bought them.

    I’ve bought books that later were available for free. Does that mean in the future I should wait a month or two before buying a book in order to see if I can get it for free? Are the people who would have bought the book removed from the buyer pool because they took the free book? Do free books hurt other authors because the reader only has a limited time to devote to reading?

    There are so many very good free books available now that a reader really would never have to buy another book again! This makes fighting to win a share of the reader’s mind all that much harder than it has already become!

    The giving away of free ‘full books’ is so new that I don’t know what to think of it yet. I will have to do a philosophical analysis of the phenomenon and see what I come up with.

    Any ideas authors have will aid in my efforts. I will post the results on my blog.



  4. Vince,
    I understand where you are coming from. I didn't realize they went "free" after they were available for purchase. I've heard of them being free at first to generate interest. As an author whose book will be coming out next month I wouldn't mind it being free for a certain length of time at first. Then if people read it maybe word of mouth (in a good way!!) will generate interest.
    Of course I guess my opinion is apt to change at any time. Thanks for giving us something to think about.

  5. Vince, I've wondered about that. But from what I've heard, the authors who have a book offered for free are seeing a big increase in sales of their other books.

    For new authors (Lindi!) :), I think it can help with word of mouth promo, just like when authors give away a lot of free books on blog tours. I gave away a ton of my first book. And actually still give away quite a few with each new book. I'm hoping I'll reach new readers who will then possibly look for future books.

    And you know, when books are offered for free, those announcements get retweeted and posted on blogs (like this one). It's promotion that can spread like wildfire.

  6. Dianna, you're welcome!

    I'm sorry to be arriving so late today. I went and spent the day at the middle school for Career Day! Got to talk about becoming an author to nearly 700 middle schoolers! I'm exhausted tonight and barely have a voice.

  7. Missy, thanks for the links!

    Glad you got to speak at Career Day! What a fun experience, I'm sure.