Saturday, November 20, 2010

Separating Hubby's Birthday from Thanksgiving

My husband's birthday is November 24th. Each year I struggle to find a way how to separate his birthday from getting caught up in the busyness of the holiday. In other words, I don't want his birthday to be swallowed up by Thanksgiving.

Last year he turned 40 so it was a BIG one. We threw him a party and I presented him with NHL hockey tickets to see his Carolina Hurricanes play the Washington Capitals in DC. This year we have to scale back a bit, but I still want to do something special. Gift giving isn't my best attribute. I don't always have great ideas, so I thought I would appeal to you all for ideas. As you've probably guessed he loves hockey. He also enjoys golf and baseball. He isn't into historical places and reading books like me. We are complete opposites. He's into electronics, loves to travel, based things.

Help! Ideas? BTW, he's picky about clothing so I don't buy them for him.  he does all the cooking so I would probably mess up any attempt at a special meal. Help!


  1. Hi Jennifer:

    I’ve got it! Get him a really cool cooking utensil -- something that is so specialized that he would not buy it for himself. Perhaps something from France or Italy. This could be an item that makes the food look good and very professional.

    If you want some ideas, watch some of the professional cooks prepare food on their YouTube videos. Men like having the right tool to do the job and I would think cooking is the same way.

    Now about Thanksgiving. My mother told me that when she was young, Thanksgiving always came on her birthday. The date differed over the years and was not fixed until the 1940’s. She said she was heartbroken when it was changed. She got more presents because more family was available. :)


  2. What about a gift card or voucher for a new piece of computer techie equipment? I love computers too, and the newest updated equipment is always something on my want list. The problem with techie things is that it's hard for others to purchase sometimes.

  3. Jenn,
    I know where Vince is coming from. I've bought cooking stuff for the guys in our family. All the guys cook. Pampered Chef has some really great items. Or anything for the grill might work.

  4. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll have to make a decision on the next day or two.

  5. Jenn, once for my hubby I went and got a golf gift certificate for a nice course nearby. I got enough for two rounds so he could take a friend. (no, I don't golf. Only Putt-Putt).

  6. Missy, Before I saw your post, I mentioned to him that we should go golfing just to see what he would say. His response is that it's too cold right now. He'd like us to get a package and go golfing at the beach in the spring. I make an attempt at golfing, but I don't like it when it's real hot. I do better with par 3's.