Sunday, November 21, 2010


Christy here. It's so easy to meet each day head on... Face the never ending demands that are placed on our shoulders...Fret about the things we don't complete. It's easy to fly through each day and not realize the special people in our lives. Present daily, they are the rock we hold onto. They take our bad moods when we can't seem to find a good mood to display. They listen to us vent and whine. They meet us at the door after a long day of work. They offer a hug or kiss when affection is the last thing we want.

I'm speaking of family. You may not have very many family members in your life. You may have a lot of family members. You may have friends you consider family. These people are special and should be remembered each day out of the year, not just during this holiday season.

Each day I find myself rushing through life, meeting each challenge full force, praying for more time in the day. We're all facing our own woes, be it financial issues, work issues, health issues... and with the world in the state that it's in, everything seems worse. Yesterday, things were put into perspective for me.

Yesterday I attended a viewing for a little boy I'd never met before. His name is Mason. At eight years old, Mason had overcome the obstacles of Spina Bifida because when he was born the doctors said he would never walk; but by God's grace and his parent's faith, he walked.  Mason attended school, he liked deer hunting and fishing. He had undergone 19 surgeries in his young life for Spina Bifida. As I watched the videos of this little boy I was meeting for the first time, and saw pictures of him and his family, I saw the smiles. And with each smile it was like witnessing God's hand as it moved through this family's life. They spent 8 years with their boy before a brain infection attacked him and in a few short hours he was gone. I was told his death had nothing to do with Spina Bifida, but an infection that the doctors told the family that anyone could get. Its an infection that when it takes hold, it takes over.

This was a hard viewing to attend but it made things so clear for me. We really cannot take each day in stride. If possible, we must do as much as we can for each other, every day. We have no idea when God will call us home. And while God's home is much grander than anything here on earth, we as humans still must endure the grief that comes with losing someone precious to us.

So as you face each day, before you step out of the door, look around at the blessings you have been given. And as you walk into the world alone, look around at the people that surround you. Not all are nice, but there are many that are good. Reinforce each other. Remind each other that there's a plan bigger than ours. Sometimes, it's hard to see the good in it, but when God's hand is in it, there is nothing but good to result. And for that, we must remember to be thankful.


  1. Christi,

    Thank you for a reminder of what's truly important in life.


  2. Christy, I try hard not to take loved ones for granted. I'm always so thankful for good health as well.

    I'll be praying for that family.

  3. We went to Passion City Church last night and Louie G. talked about a celebration of life he went to for a 21 year old guy named John Evans. Louie talked about how Psalm 39 says that God knows the span of our life-it's not the amount of time we have on this earth it is what we do with it.
    I've heard a lot of great teachings lately--life changing actually--but this truly rocked my world--my thinking of who I am and why I'm here.
    And the crazy thing is I had called Lenny on Wednesday and told him I had had a revelation-it was about life/death. God is so amazing. Yes, I had a revelation and he expounded on it Sunday night.Took my little revelation about a trillion steps further.
    Thanks for the insight Christy--we do get caught up-we do remember to be thankful and acknowledge the people we love.
    Louie said to start each day with three words--

  4. Just to clarify--Psalm 39 talks about the span of our life--Louie talked about it's not how long we are here that's important-it's what we do with it.

  5. Thank you Edwina and Missy.

    Lindi, I like that, "a celebration of life," that's so much better than a wake or a funeral, especially for Christians who know what waits for us at death. Thanks for sharing Louie's insight, very powerful.

  6. I think my family thinks I go overboard, but I tell each one of them I love them before they go out the door. I understand how fickle life is and never want them to doubt I took the time to say "I love you."

    Thanks, Christy.