Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner Theater?

Angie here: What if Thanksgiving this year included dinner theater?

Family often includes rehashing past conversations that are best left alone. The stress of expecting those old hurts to resurface can even set up negative attitudes.

So how do you change those ingrained family dynamics?

Dinner theater, an idea to add laughter to your thanksgiving:
Choose a character driven murder mystery game.
Have guests dress to the theme.
Read the rules in advance and be prepared with special props.
Include other family members in the planning to build anticipation.
Share the fun by pot lucking the props along with the dishes for dinner.
Plan the dishes for dinner around your theme too.
Don't rush it. This is a day for fun.

Alternate dinner theater for larger groups:
Invite family and friends to a Holiday Premier.
Serve all the fixings, but conversation can be surrounding all your favorite movies taking the old arguments out of play.
Choose a movie to show after dinner that will engage all ages. The funnier the better.
-or- Try an old movie everyone has seen. Assign characters. Turn down the sound and play the parts like Mystery Theater 3000 or Who's Line Is It Anyway?
During the movie, serve caramel corn (more festive than popcorn) and sparkling cider.

After the dinner theater, then serve dessert and laugh about the best part of the evening. Send home left overs in fun popcorn bags.

With a little preplanning family events can be fun instead of fearful. Using laughter to bond is a natural enhancement to any relationship. When a group laughs together, the bonding builds long lasting memories and can change the dynamics of how families relate into the future.

The goal is to create a new experience to freshen relationships, create memories, and bond.
What would you add to these ideas for a fun Thanksgiving dinner theater?
What other ideas do you have for making family events fun instead of stressful?

May your table be filled with joy!

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