Monday, November 15, 2010

A Week In Review

I will admit I'm unable to mentally prepare a decent post for today. (Especially after reading Christy's awesome post yesterday!) I'm just spent! I've tried and tried and it's just not happening.
So, instead of boring you with something totally rambling, I'm going to list
10 things that happened last week. Things that are of no importance. But one of them may inspire some sort of discussion. If not, maybe someone will post some things or realizations they had last week. At least that will give the title of this post some truthfulness.

1.I realize it's colder in my house than outside.
2.Rigatoni noodles do not make good pasta salad.
3.I'm reading a book I can't put down.
4.While we have a whole house to spread out in, me, my husband my dog and 2 cats usually sit within 2 feet of each other while watching TV. (Yes, I think the animals are watching also. Or else they're watching us!)
5.I wrote a song.
6.I didn't revise much on my book.
7.I watched probably 20 or more episodes of the Nanny. (That show doesn't even come on until 11:00 and I STILL stay up even though I've seen all the episodes--some more than I care to admit!)
8.I told Lenny's friend that I was on the safety patrol in elementary school. He told me that was ultimate Geekdom.
9.I got some Christmas shopping done.
10. I realize once again how amazing God is.

I would love to hear about your week last week.

Lindi Peterson
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. Thanks Lindi, in regards to my post...(smiling and blushing)

    Here's my list of what I learned last week:

    1) Don't say "yes" to everything.
    2) There's no way I can accomplish everything I said "yes" to...
    3) My husband is truly my protector
    4) I really like Ranch dressing
    5) God's angels can be found in the most surprising places
    6) My favorite thing is a venti coffee, extra cream, extra sugar at lunch time :)

  2. Lindi,
    It may not be any comfort, but I have also suffered from "brain-dead blogs" lately! A few things I learned last week:
    1. How blessed I am - that God loves me so.
    2. How much my DH loves me - he shows it in everything he says and does
    3. From my doctor: my diabetes is not under control so I must make lifestyle changes NOW or face the consequences. Prayers appreciated!!

  3. Christy---great list--I REALLY liked the venti coffee at lunch with extra cream and sugar--I may put that on my list this week.
    And you know, now that you mentioned it, I kind of had that my husband is my protector type feeling lately. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Edwina--We will be praying for your diabetes. And isn't it great to know you are loved?!

  5. My week in review:
    1. I just realized I never read Christy's post yesterday!
    2. I'm way more of a pack-rat than I thought. Must get control of it and start pitching stuff.
    3. I need more sleep.
    4. I'm grateful for good health (after having a family member health scare)

    Speaking of health... Edwina, I'll be praying for your control of diabetes!!

  6. Things I've learned...
    1) There are days when I really don't like my job.
    2) New story ideas often come from out of nowhere.
    3) I'm tired of being sick.
    4) I'm even more tired of doctors.
    5) God is bigger than anything!
    6) By the end of the week I realized there was only one more week until Thanksgiving break.
    7) I love my hubby.
    8) My children's teen years may do me in, but I'll go down fighting.

    I'm praying for you, Edwina.
    I'm in the same place with you, Lindi.

  7. Things I've learned:
    1)The house will be there tomorrow to clean, but my children won't be young forever so go play with them.
    2)My husband has my back and I love him for it.
    3)I need more sleep.
    4)Do not say 'yes' to a million things outside my home if it will effect my family.

  8. Missy-I too am a pack rat. And I need more sleep. I am with you!!

  9. Dianna,
    God IS bigger than anything. And you get well! We miss you here.

  10. Ciara, Well we've had a couple people saying YES too much lately. We do have to learn when to say no.
    And you, too, get some sleep!!