Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Makes You Happy Part 2

Angie here:
Continuing the conversation that Mindy started. I noticed how differently many of us are made. I noticed Mindy loves redecorating and the joy she feels in creating beauty. I've seen her home and it is a marvel of beauty.

I noticed others mentioned something else but had a companionable agreement. It was a sisterhood of understanding a core concept about living authentically and yet it was unspoken.

I believe each one of us has gifts that we need to live in order to feel truly fulfilled. When we live outside of those gifts it's as if something is missing, out of synch, or we feel confused.

Have you noticed that too?

I'll never be someone who can decorate a room like Mindy. She has a gift. One I wish I had, but I don't. I would not get the same sense of fulfillment trying to be just like her even though I admire that ability greatly. In order for me to feel that joy, I need to live in my giftings. The more I do, the more peace and deep sense of satisfaction I feel.

The more I walk into my deepest dream, getting educated in them along the way, the more I feel a warm inner sense of rightness. I'm becoming who I was meant to be since God knit me together in my mother's womb. I liken it to the ugly duckling. For so long I lived feeling different, on the outside. When I started growing into my dream even my image of myself changed. My confidence grew. My sense of self worth grew. The change in how I see myself is stunning. Living in my authentic self, I'm definitely not the odd duck I'd thought.

One of the main shifts for me was to learn about my strengths and focus on those rather than on trying to bring my weaknesses up to the level other people thought they should be. That's just backwards. Why shouldn't we soar and succeed into the way God intended? By realizing that I was putting a lid on the uniqueness and plan God had for my life I freed myself to become the real me.

It's not wrong to be your personality or to have your gifts even if they don't fit the mold other people pushed you into in the past. Each person's strengths help to make the whole fabric of our lives more beautiful and valuable.

Here's a tool/book I used: Strength Finder 2.0

I'd highly suggest it because we can learn to live in our strengths and be so much more productive than always trying to make our weakness a success. I'll never be a great decorator or even declutter savvy, but I can continue to build on my own strengths.

Has anyone ever made you feel like you're an odd duck?

What makes you feel you are living authentically?

Are you still looking for your giftings?


  1. I'd highly suggest it because we can learn to live in our strengths and be so much more productive than always trying to make our weakness a success. ---Ang, I love this. This is so true. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Excellent post, Angie! Thanks for sharing that tool - I'm going to look it up now!


  3. Thanks for a great post, Angie. I'm with Edwina. i'm going to go look that up now!