Monday, December 27, 2010

2011--Right Around The Corner

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2010. What a year! No matter what kind of year you've had, 2011 is coming--full force!
I'm not one to make resolutions. When I used to take the time to do so, I found I never stuck to them. They were usually unrealistic dreams or wishes or something unattainable or even out of my control.
So I quit.
But there is one thing I vow to do next year. But like I said, it's not a resolution--it's a way of life change. (ha---does that work?)

I'm going to read my Bible every day. What I mean is I'm going to make an effort to, no matter what, read part of the Bible everyday. We only have so much time to learn about God, Jesus and all things spiritual that God revealed to us through his word. So, I've really been convicted lately that every thing I don't learn is on me.

So I started recently reading a portion of the Bible everyday. I love to read the Bible chronologically. That's what I'm doing now. I started with the date it was when I picked up the Bible. I'm reading Hebrews and Revelation through the end of the year.

I read 2 Peter recently and here is an amazing verse that really struck me.

2 Peter 1:16 For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty.

Imagine!! Walking "with" Jesus, literally!! How incredible would that have been? Hard, too, I know. But I LOVE this verse!

Are you a resolutions person?
Is there something you really want to do in 2011?
We'd love to hear about it.

Happy New Year

Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. Lindi, you can help me remember to do this as well!

    No, I'm not a resolutions person either. But I do set goals. I love to do so on New Year's Eve.

  2. Missy---will do! And to me goals are different than resolutions. I remember reading about someone who wrote their goals down at the beginning of the year, put them in a sealed envelope and opened it at the end of the year.

  3. Oh, and what are you doing up so late?

  4. Lindi, I need and want to do this as well. Maybe you could start an accountability check in on your blog for Bible study?!

  5. I'm like you and Missy, I don't do resolutions, but I may set a couple of new goals for myself. For instance, my hubby has gained 35 of the 80 pounds he lost. We are going to start eating healthy and try to find time in our schedules for more exercise together. We've done this before and succeeded, so we are going to try and do this again. Illness and travel often are the culprits in getting us off our scheduled routines.

  6. I'm not a resolution person. I'm totally a goal-oriented person though. I love your plan for reading the Bible. I tried that but it wasn't in context for me. So I'm looking for topical studies to learn. I'd like one on the trinity. I haven't really seen one like that at all. I was asked recently why I believed in the trinity and I couldn't fully verbalize it. I do, I understand why. But I need to be able to tell someone else why too.

    I set goals at the beginning of the year, but then I also write the steps to those goals in my day timer. They might flex and move, but I get my goals done because they are always in my schedule. Resolutions seem more like wishes. I think more people would achieve them if they were written into their daily planners.

  7. Hi Lindi:

    I think a resolution is a goal you resolve to accomplish. It’s a goal on steroids. My plan is to have just one new resolution at the start of each month. My hope is I can last at least thirty days before giving up and feeling bad about myself. Besides, twelve accomplished goals in one year will be quite a morale boost.

    BTW: Last year my wife resolved to read the whole Bible from start to finish. She did it and plans to do it again in the future. If you divide the Bible by 365, it is not that many pages a day – but you have to read it everyday.

    Good luck for Everyone's Goals!


  8. Lindi, my only resolution is NOT to make any resolutions :-)

  9. Christy,
    That's a great idea--accountability on the blog. I'll set that up. But you are still in charge of the writing accountability!! :)

  10. Jenn,
    I love the eating healthy idea. I go in spurts. I also go in spurts where I don't want to eat meat. Not sure what that is about. And exercise--well, I'll admit I don't do enough of that.

  11. Ang,
    Great ideas. And let me know if you find a study on the trinity. That sounds interesting. I have found that I really like reading the Bible chronlogically for some reason. I think it's easier if you have someone else reading it that way too and you can meet once a week and go over what you've read.

  12. Vince--I love the 'goal on steroids.' And I like your idea of monthly goals. And yay to your wife for reading the Bible in a year. That's a huge undertaking. When I read the Bible all the way through I think it took me a year and a half.

  13. Mindy,
    sounds like a good resolution to me!