Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Heroes Legacy

Angie here:
You may have heard the comparison of the families down through generations where one family is filled with doctors, lawyers, teachers, and preachers. The other family is filled with criminals and unsavory characters. Do you think they knew the legacy they left generation to generation?

I love the example Sarah Pierrepont Edwards who set in place a lineage of Christ following world changers. Please, God, I want to be that kind of woman. The kind of woman who instills God's love into her children, grandchildren, and on into following generations. The kind of woman who has teachers, preachers, and national leaders that will positively influence the world.

Now I think of Mary, mother of Jesus. Do you think she had any idea of the legacy she would leave? I wonder if one traced Mary's other children, what kind of lineage would we find? I have a feeling it would be quite full of Christ followers and world changers.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?


  1. I hope my children are Christ-filled and that they achieve more in God's name than my husband and I have been able to do and that they do it better.

  2. Truly amazing how many lives one can touch both directly and indirectly. Always a good reminder!

  3. Angie, I'm an only child. I always dreamed of a large family, but most holidays were spent with just my parents and myself.
    Growing up watching shows like Eight is Enough and The Waltons, I knew I wanted at least three children. Now I have five and four grandkids. How one can become so many is beyond me. I am truly blessed. And I have a duty. To share with them the gift God has given me. The gift of eternal life. That is the legacy I want to leave.

  4. What wonderful thoughtful hearts each of you ladies have! Your family legacies will be blessed.