Sunday, December 5, 2010

My list for procrastinating

Christy here.... I've become an expert on the subject of procrastination and thought I'd share some of my knowledge with you. (And, poke a little fun at myself in hopes to generate a laugh or two out of you.)

Lately, instead of utilizing the free time I have - an hour here, an hour there - I've been procrastinating. Let me first share with you what I need to get done during the "utilization" time:

1.  Work on the rough draft of my current book (It is plotted and ready to go!)
2.  Enter writing contests.
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During the hour or so that I have to myself, I do the following things instead of the 2 lonely items that are listed above:

1.  Check email.
2.  Check my Facebook page.
3.  Pick out a clever "status" for my Facebook page.
4.  Changed my website from a blog spot. to a dot com.
5.  Redesign my website for the umpteenth time.
6.  Find people to follow on Twitter.
7. Clean the lint out of my keyboard.
8. Re-read the book Tangled and tried to decipher the Goal, Motivation, Conflict for each character in hopes it would shed some light on the issues I'm having with my own characters. (Yes, I was really procrastinating that day.)
9.  Make fudge.
10. Make more fudge because I ate the first batch so quickly.
11. Lay in the floor and complete 50 sit ups (Part of my new exercise plan & I was pitifully procrastinating that day to have resorted to exercise!)
12. Stare at the computer screen.
13. Rummage through the medicine cabinet because I'm sure I'm coming down with a cold.
14. Go to my 9-5 job and wile away 8 hours of my day.
15. Put laundry in the washing machine and then put it in the dryer and then put it on the chair to fold, when I have time.
16. Dust - sometimes if I'm deep into procrastination mode, it turns into clean the house mode.
17. Wash dishes.
18. Redecorate my kitchen.
19. Rearrange the ornaments on the Christmas tree.
20. Play online to figure out what picture of my children will look good on Christmas cards this year.
22. More, staring at the computer screen.

What about you? How do you procrastinate when there is something important that you need to get done? How do you overcome it?


  1. Christy,

    That is too funny! I've found myself procrastinating lately, with some of your same reasons!
    Ex. I just sat here for several minutes just staring at the computer! :)


  2. LOL, I really hate that when it happens! I just pray for the Lord to give me words but lately, there are no words to come!

  3. Christy--you crack me up. But I must say I have found no quicker way to clean the house than deciding I need to write. Suddenly every becomes so I-should-have-done-it-yesterday important. So I'm totally with you!!
    Thanks for making me smile today.

  4. Sorry--up above--yeah in that comment it should say "everything" instead of every.

  5. Ha-ha. You're doing better than me if you've even gotten the computer turned on. I've been using the excuse that my "office" is a wreck so I need to clean it up first. Only I never get it cleaned. I'm so bad this year that I don't even know if my tree will get put up this year.

  6. Hilarious post because it's just too painfully true! I'm guilty of most of your list. (I don't know how to make fudge!)

  7. Ah, thanks to each of you for your comments. I notice no one offers help on how to overcome these procrastination challenges....

    Lindi, too funny that we do the same things :)

    Dianna, you'd better get that tree up! Or, at least wade through your office to get some writing done, LOL.

    Emery, there's this fabulous Fudge Kit you can buy and it has everything in it. It doesn't turn out as great as my Granny's fudge, but it will suffice in a chocolate pinch!

  8. Thanks Eva & Angie.
    The clock is the bomb.