Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snuggle Bunnies & A Song

Angie here: Today is astounding! It's spectacular! Stupendous!

Two amazing things are happening on this very day and are making history.  Next year we'll say: On Dec. 1st in history...

1. The birth of my second grandchild!!! Snuggle bunny #2!

2. The birth of the Gems of Wisdom theme song.

Neither were purposefully "released' on this day to make my life better, but they converged to make today completely, irrefutably unforgetable--ever--for me :-)

Baby is being delivered by c-section. As soon as the doc "releases" the info, I'll update you here. I'm just so excited! Here's a pic of big brother, grandson #1.

Birthday cake! Race you!
We love being 'ammy and 'ampa and can't wait for another snuggle bunny to arrive today!

The new release single of Gems of Wisdom from Zechariah's Song is also birthing today. There are just some days that stand out in our lives as mountain top moments to savor forever. (Link to exact song for preview pending, but the above link will take you to the cdbaby page.) I'd describe Zechariah's Song as eclectic, rich worship music. If you need a comparison group, think the Judds.

Meet Laura and Melissa from Zechariah's Song! (Ahem, that's me getting hugged in the middle.)

A little description: It's a jazz style ballad to reach deep into the heart. When Zechariah's Song worked with me, the song writer, Laura, asked how I envisioned it. I felt it needed to be a rich, piece that brought the listener from a place of despair to a place of triumph. And I love the emotion of jazz ballads. More later, including a huge facebook party event mid-December!

Now back to my snuggle bunnies, sigh, ah, breathing in baby scent.

Have you had a day like that? One that stands out as so extraordinary it takes on a life of it's own?

Tell me about it, please.


  1. I'm so happy for you today ... so many dreams coming true! I know how much you love your babies and I know this new little one is gonna be very lucky to have a grammi like you!!!

    Also I am so honored that we got to work on the song for your book ... you are an amazing person and a great writer! I'm glad everything for your book release is coming together!!!

    Love Ya
    Melissa (Zechariah's Song)

  2. Congrats on both, Angie!!

    Melissa, welcome to our blog! I can't wait to hear the song!!

    Angie, each day that my babies were born stand out to me as the most extraordinary. I'll always treasure them!

  3. Oh, and also when I opened that first box from Harlequin and held my other "baby" in my hands. :)

  4. I really don't believe you're old enough to be a grandmother - but if you say so....

    Congratulations on both events! God is truly good!

  5. I remember the day my first grandchild was born. I got to be in the delivery room. What a precious moment, watching him take his first breath. Then, as he lay crying under the lamp, he stilled when he heard me talking to him. Sigh. A moment I will always treasure. And bless his little heart, he did his best to make things easy for his grammy to remember--he was born 7/7 and weighed 7lbs. 7oz. :-)

  6. Ang--I'm excited for all that is happening for you. I can't wait to hear the song!!

    This year on my son's birthday his girlfriend texted me this message.

    Thank you for having Alex 24 years ago today! I love him!

    I smiled and texted her back Your Welcome.

  7. What an awesome day for you, Angie! No words are really big enough for that much blessing, but I know that you are overflowing. God's timing is often amazing, isn't it?

  8. So nice to see you so happy Angela, it put a smile on my face. Enjoy your blessings!

  9. congratulations Angie!

    I'm teary eyed reading all the comments about new babies :)

  10. The link to the song if ya'll want to hear it!