Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Need Each Other

Christy here... I've been down in the dumps for a while. Now, before you click over to the Seeker Blog, hear me out... This won't be a tear-jerking post... And mayhap (i just finished reading Highland Blessings, so I'm still talking a little Scottish ;)  I will simply follow along with what Jenn blogged about yesterday. 

When life begins that roller coaster ride, it's hard to hang on sometimes and continue to smile.  I do believe that the Lord's plan is at work and I try to remind myself that His way is best.

I also believe the Lord places special people in our lives. Most of the ones I depend on, outside my family circle of course,  are several miles, several hundred miles away from me. We're in an age where so many of us don't associate daily with the neighbor in our subdivision, but associate daily with our friends online. Lately, I've looked around and realized that the Lord has surrounded me with people to help support me in my writing endeavors. I am so very thankful.

The FAITH girls are a strong rock for me. For advice and jokes and laughter and prayer. 

It took me months to read Jenn's book Highland Blessings. I've had it since June. I meant to start reading it right away... but I was writing and facing a self imposed deadline and working on contest entries and the list goes on.  As I found myself in Dumpville as of late, I finally picked Jenn's book up. I dove in and I'll tell you, I looked forward to reading it. I hated to have to go to work or do my mommy duties because I wanted to read just a little longer. It was a book that I wanted the story of the MacPherson's and MacKenzie's to continue. I wanted to remain in their world a little longer.

While I look forward to Book 2, Jenn's book did something else: It inspired me to make time for my own novel again. I remembered all the hard work Jenn put in to balancing work and family and she managed to reach her dreams. I want that too. Although my time line of reaching a dream will be different from Jenn's and the FAITH girls, I cannot give up.

That's why the Lord gave me a fabulous critique partner. Dianna and I are both in the dumps, writing wise, but we've got great stories at hand that just need to be researched and written. Yesterday, I told her we need to just "write something." Who cares if it's not right historically - this is our first draft. Correcting inaccuracies will come in the revisions. We need to remind ourselves to get excited about our stories and push forward, no matter what the wall is.

The Lord even gave me an unexpected blessing at my place of work. Sherrie is a lady I've known for 3 years, but not until last year did our shared love for writing come forth. Since I returned to work in '07  I haven't made my writing life a secret. That's probably why I feel so much pressure to continue with this dream because now, I've made myself public. I'm on Facebook, talking about it, and I have a few people that are cheering me on.  I am blessed with my friend Sherrie, because I have been able to talk to her about her story and my own, even when I thought my own story had fizzled out.

Writing it such private work, to an extent. There's a point where we need each other to reinforce our goals and push us forward.  I am grateful to all of you, and our faithful readers who check in with us each week. Your comments reinforce us and encourage and I hope we are doing the same for you.


  1. Christy, I know what you mean! I'm so glad Highland Blessings inspired you to work on your own work. It made me feel good to hear that as I've read so many books that inspired me to keep working on Highland Blessings.

    You and Dianna are right. Just keep writing. I just finished writing the first chapter of a Quaker historical. One of my co-authors pointed out a few minor details on the historical facts. It's an easy fix, but the premise of the story is still there and the edits will be so minor. Keep going, it will give you something to work with.

  2. Here, here! Christmas break is only 4 days away at work. I'm hoping to get back on track then. You can keep me accountable to that, Christy.

  3. Hi Christy:

    A problem with writing is that the reward is so very far removed from the effort. In most situations when this happens, things don’t get done. In this respect writers need to be near saints in putting off current gratification for future rewards. There are three ways to deal with this:

    1. build in meaningful small rewards along the way.
    2. as much as possible, make the effort its own reward, (make doing it a reward in itself).
    3. keep your eye on the Prize.

    Also be aware of the simulative effect of a great idea or insight. I could work for hours trying to write a 500 word advertisement and get no where. But with one insight, one bright idea, the whole ad flashes in front of my eyes and from that point, we in advertising like to say: “The ad writes itself”.

    When you’re at the ‘just keep’ writing stage, think: “What one thing could happen next that would be a ‘game changer’ – an idea or insight that would have you pounding the keys to get it all down so you can savor the joy of reading what you just wrote". I’m not talking about changing the course of your book. I’m talking about making a single chapter sing in a new voice!

    I just had one of these experiences yesterday when I ran out of approaches to a problem. I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then the idea hit me and it was all I could do to force myself go to bed around 2:00 am. It was the same problem but with a different way of looking at it.

    So it’s easy for me to philosophize now because I’m on a satori. Come join me.


    BTW: Every time I read the words “Highland Blessings” I 'see' the heroine and fall in love all over again!

  4. Christy,
    I appreciate your honesty! Your post was encouraging and made me realize that I'm not in the dumps alone!


  5. Christy,
    I too was inspired by Jenn's book--it made me want to dive back into my writing. In cleaning out my closet I found the egg timer Stephanie Bond had given us ages ago at a GRW meeting. I need to set it on my desk and use it.
    Vince--love your response. It's so true.
    I'm glad you were inspired!!

  6. Christy, hang in there. After I finally sold and jumped in with all the work, I found I was relieved it hadn't happened when my kids were younger. It would have been difficult. So trust God's timing. Of course, it could happen tomorrow! :) But if it doesn't, just push ahead. You'll get there.

  7. Jenn, Lindi and Missy - your encouragement is very much appreciated!

    Dianna - You need to devise a plan for your upcoming Christmas break. How to find time for writing and not take away from your family. I hope you can find the time!! I may pull out my historical and try to work on that in tandem with the contemporary... then our collaborative research may help each other...

    Edwina - I appreciate your honesty in return and I will let you know when I start a new accountability check in on my blog - i hope that will help you get out of the dumps. It usually helps me.

    Vince - I appreciate your insight! I love writing stories so much that I feel out of whack when I'm not writing. I need God, my family, my work and my writing. If those quarters aren't present in my life, then I feel it. I'm not whole. I'm glad you had inspiration hit you. That's such a wonderful feeling to want to keep writing and not go to bed. I usually find I want to keep reading a story and not go to bed. It's more fun when its your own work... So I'm looking for your satori :)