Monday, January 31, 2011

Archive Post---What Gets You Going?

Borrowing an idea from the Seekerville Ladies. I'm going back to the archives to grab a post. Let's just say crazy weekend!! Fun and crazy!!
But this post goes along with Christy's from yesterday, so I'm reposting.

Original post date--May 2009

I'm a member of the Georgia Romance Writers. We have meetings one Saturday a month. We have great speakers and the group is a fabulous bunch. I'm also a member of a local ACFW group, WORD. Like GRW we have amazing speakers, workshops and again a wonderful bunch of people.
This last Saturday was our GRW meeting. There's nothing like being around an inspiring group of people. Writers understand writers. I know some of us have really supportive husbands and/or family members. But deep down inside other writers truly get it.
I'm really fortunate to be involved in two amazing groups. One of the benefits of being near a big city, I guess. It seems like when I need it the right workshop, or the encouragement of another writer will come along.
If you don't have any writers groups to attend, you can form your own critique groups. I feel it's important for writers to be around other writers. Even if it's only one day a month.
What about you? Are you fortunate enough to have a group locally you belong to? Or do you meet up with other writers in other settings such as critique groups or just getting together?


  1. It truly is helpful to have a support group. I'm always inspired after I leave a meeting!

    And what a weekend for Lindi!! She was honored by her family in celebration of a big birthday. :) She is well loved!! Just like she is around here.

  2. Happy Birthday Lindi!

    The closest RWA to me is about an hour away and I don't think we have an ACFW group up here.

    Have a great week everyone!

  3. It's okay to have a crazy weekend, Lindi, especially when you're the reason for the happy crazy! LOL!! Hope you had a great birthday.

    Georgia Romance Writers, yep. ACFW, yep. It is a great experience to have other writers who encourage you when you're discouraged and push you when you need to be pushed.

  4. Missy and I reconnected at a GRW meeting---they are a great support group.
    Eva-I'm sorry there's not one closer--but at least there's the internet--a great way to find support.

    Dianna and Eva--thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Dianna---I like the being pushed part. I am enjoying Christy's challenge. It helps when you know you're not alone in this thing!!

  5. We have a group, but very little participation. It's very sad.