Monday, January 24, 2011

How Fortunate!

Good Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Last week I went to lunch with Dianna--Hi there, girl!! We went to this little Chinese restaurant in Union City where I'm working. When I opened my fortune cookie I had 4 fortunes in there!

I will admit that I put no stock in these fortunes. I only read them for fun. I started laughing when I saw there were so many. Of course I had to read them all--out loud.

1. You will be fortunate in opportunities presented to you. ( Friday I did pull into the gas station with 1 mile left on my range thingy--I suppose the fact that I didn't run out of gas was the fortunate part of the opportunity of my filling up with gas!)

2. You will be rewarded for your efforts within the month. (I am supposed to get my cover soon--maybe January!)

3. You'll accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend. ( I did attend a GRW meeting--they are always fun!)

4. You shall soon make a long overdue personal decision. (Hmmm....Not sure, here. Will keep you posted on long overdue personal decisions!)

What category do you put fortune cookies in? Fun-Fantasy-For Real-For the Birds!

Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning

Lindi Peterson


  1. They're fun-fantasy to me. But I did save one once that said my dreams would be coming true soon. I got The Call about a month later. :)

  2. I was just teasing about the fortune cookie.

  3. Missy,
    I think most fortunes can apply to alot of different situations in our life. Kind of like twisting the apple stem while saying the alphabet and the letter your on when the stem pops off, well your boyfriends name starts with that letter. I'm sure no one has ever pulled a little harder on certain letters!! :)

  4. Fortune cookies are fun. I won't say what we usually tack onto the end of each saying. What cracks me up is that they now put lottery numbers on the back.

  5. LOL, Lindi, that you could come up with something that 3 of the 4 fortunes fit. I can't remember what mine said because we were laughing too hard over you getting 4 at one time. You're just so blessed!!

    I tend to read the fortunes for a chuckle, then leave them behind. I'm one of those weird people who like the eat the cookie itself so I will say I often enjoy the cookie more than the fortune inside of it.

  6. I love the cookies, too, Dianna! Had one last night at P.F. Changs, my fav Chinese restaurant.

  7. I love the cookies, too, Dianna! Had one last night at P.F. Changs, my fav Chinese restaurant.

  8. Oh my. I just knew that would happen. First post disappeared. Then the page wouldn't do anything.


  9. I put fortunie cookies in the yummy category ;-) I swipe all the extra ones and chomp them down right quick. Love the vanilla/almond treats!

  10. I'm like Dianna, I open them, am amused by the fortune and then toss it away.

    Speaking of PF Changs... love the lettuce wraps!

  11. Missy really likes the cookies!! I mean really!

    I love the cookies, too! And I love PF Changs!