Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Will...

Mindy here. Well, the holidays are over. Presents have been unwrapped. The decorations are now gathering dust, waiting to be tucked away for their eleven-month hibernation period. The cookies and candies are all gone. Now we look not only at a new month, but a new year, and wonder, "What will happen in 2011?"

I mentioned on Lindi's post a week or so ago that my only resolution is to make no resolutions. However, that doesn't mean I can't make some improvements. So here they are.

In 2011 I will:
  • Read at least one passage of scripture a day. Yes, often times I get so busy, that before I know it, the day is gone, and I haven't spent any time in God's word. So, I went to BibleGateway.com and signed up for a verse a day. It's delivered to my email in the version of my choice. I kind of like that it gives me a small bit that I can memorize and dwell on all day. 
  • Take my vitamin supplements every day. I used to think my mother was crazy when I'd watch her take a handful of vitamins. Well, guess what. Now it's my turn. My diet isn't always what it should be, therefore my body doesn't always get what it needs. And trust me, as we get older, our bodies let us know when we're not treating them the way we should.
  • Go to my Weight Watchers meetings. I confess, I have fallen off the wagon, and in large part because in 2010 I did not attend any WW meetings. I thought I had a firm grip on my eating. I was busy with other things. But, alas, bad habits crept in and now I'm over my goal weight.
  • Write something every day. Even if it's just a sentence. Otherwise, my head gets pulled out of the story and then I waste time getting back into it. I don't have to write a thousand words every day, but if I'll just write a sentence, a paragraph, even if it's crap, it's progress.
What are your plans/goals for 2011? Start with I will then share.

And be sure to check out my personal blog. This week's author interview is with Ronie Kendig. You could win a copy of her new release DIGITALIS.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Mindy, I like that "I WILL" in bold! :)

    I use Bible Gateway all the time but didn't know they did a verse a day. I just signed up, too!

    I've still got to spend time on my "I wills" for the year. With kids home from school, I haven't accomplished much time for reflection. "I WILL" work on that tomorrow. :)

  2. LOL! Missy, you know tomorrow never comes.
    My kids went back to school yesterday. Is it wrong for me to shout HALLELUJAH?

  3. LOL! So you're one of THOSE moms?? ;)

  4. I will keep reading my YouVersion every day on my Blackberry. It helps me read the Bible chronologically so I can learn it in a different way than before.

    I will write, write, write.

    I will speak, speak, speak.

    I will follow God's plan because that's where I'm happiest. For some reason I keep forgetting that! I believe the first 3 are but I am willing to change based on God's leading.


  5. I decided to take a different approach to what I plan to do this year:
    I Will Gain at least 30 pounds.
    I Will not publish a book this year.
    I Will spend an additional $20 on things I don't need.
    I wrote a 4th on my facebook page on New Years Day but now I can't remember what I wrote, LOL!

  6. Christy, you crack me up. Reverse psychology. I like it.

  7. I figured you'd get a kick out of that. BTW, I'm reading Ronie's book for the CFBA. Love it!!! Man, that girl can write!!!