Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Mindy here. So last week I flipped on American Idol. Not something I usually watch, but I was curious about the new judges.

This young woman comes in, she's in her mid-twenties, dressed in skinny jeans, a fitted-but-not-too-tight t-shirt, and tennis shoes, the canvas type with the big rubber toe. Translation: She was dressed like a teeny bopper. Then she opened her mouth and this rich voice came out. The judges were in awe. One even commented that they weren't expecting that voice to come out of her.

Then J-Lo said something I totally agree with. She told this young lady that she had the talent, now it was time to start believing in herself and to dress the part (of a professional).

Think of police officers, military, and firemen. We recognize them by their uniforms. Suppose you called the police and the officer showed up at your house wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Would you have the same sense of security, that the job would get done, as you would if he were wearing his uniform?

What would you think if you walked into your child's classroom and the teacher was wearing a tank top and low-slung jeans? Moms, does your wardrobe tell the world you're defeated, or does it say that you're excited about life, excited about being the mom God has called you to be?

Whether you're a singer, a writer, or you work in an office, your attire projects an image. This isn't about the latest fashions or spending lots of money. It's about putting your best foot forward and showing people that you have something to offer. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. And be sure to stop by my personal blog, Divine Imagination. This week's author interview is with Myra Johnson. You could win a copy of her latest release, Where the Dogwood's Bloom.


  1. This is exactly what I believe. We have to act with professionalism and intent.

  2. I finally got to watch the DVR, Mindy. And I knew that's the moment you'd texted me about. Very good point! And for me, as much as I thought the dressing the part stuff was important, the biggest thing was the believing in herself part. I think that's huge.

  3. I am missing Idol, but caught it last week. I like the spin J-Lo brings to the show. I liked Paula too but I am glad they brought an artist to replace Paula that most of us can identify with. Plus, Jennifer is very smart, as she has tackled and accomplished much in the show business world.

    I've always liked Steven Tyler, too. I miss Simon Cowell but Glad Randy's still there.

    I know,this comment didn't have anything to do with your post.

    I get caught up in other things. te-he!

  4. I don't watch Idol, but you have a very good point about dressing the part. My closet is full of casual business clothes for my day job. I have more of those clothes than I have jeans. I spend so much time in those clothes that now on the weekends I'm no longer comfortable in my jeans. Yet, if I don't go anywhere, I need a lot of motivation to get me out of my flannel pj's. I guess that is a glimpse into my future if I ever get to stay home an write full-time. Sometimes I think God hasn't answered that prayer, b/c he's afraid I may never leave my house if I didn't have a job to force me out of the house each day.