Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Funny

Christy here... The snow is gradually melting away in Georgia and I've got to say, I'm glad to see it go.

It was so beautiful watching it fall from the sky. This time last week, I was up well past my bedtime, wondering how deep it would get. I've never seen the snow fall so much in so little of time.

I loved playing in the snow with my daughter and wished my son was old enough to play with us. I have no idea how to make a snowman, so my daughter and I decided my mound of snow would be an Indian mound instead of a snowguy.

Never mind I wasn't smart enough to figure out what household items I could use as a sled until about two days ago, and the snow wasn't as fun for sledding then. Those ideas for makeshift sleds came
from my mom... a native Georgian herself.... Yes, I had no idea that the lids of trashcans, of Rubbermaid storage containers could be used as a makeshift sled. And of course, any boating equipment like knee boards, were 2 snowy miles away at my mother in-law's house... too far for me to venture on that ankle deep icy snow morning...

Thursday was the first day I ventured out, on my own, in my Suburban.  It's a big vehicle, if you don't know what a Suburban is. It's a road hog to my friends who prefer their little Ford Mustangs. But, this road hog is equipped with rear-wheel drive.

Rear Wheel Drive + Ice = A Bad Experience

So Thursday, I head out.  I fishtailed in the subdivision, but righted myself and made it to the main road, which was clear. Two miles later I arrived at my mother in-law's house. She watches my children while my husband & I work. (My husband was already at work, by the way.)  I drove by her driveway, a slight incline that isn't bad on most days, but when laden with ice, it looked like a nightmare.

I thought I was being smart. I drove by, turned around in a nearby parking lot, and started up her driveway.  No way would I make it to the top of her driveway. I'd slid one time, when it was more icy than snowy a few weeks before. I knew that just because I put the car in PARK doesn't mean it won't still slide back on that hill. And as all you writer's know, we imagine the WORST possible scenarios!

Thinking I was making a right decision, I pulled into her turn-around that is close to the bottom of the driveway. After all, parking here had worked before. Why wouldn't it work again?  Me and the kids would walk up the driveway.  I need the exercise, right?

All went well. The kids and I made it to her house, my Suburban parked at the bottom of the driveway in the turn around. Safe and sound. I said my goodbyes to the kiddos and my MIL and headed out the door.

My feet crunched through the snow. This is so beautiful, I was thinking. Although, I was feeling some anxiety about driving to work. I'd go slow. I wouldn't talk on my cell phone. I'd concentrate on the road. All would be fine. I'd pray the whole way for extra insurance.

I cranked my Road Hog, secured my seat belt and put it in REVERSE. Usually, that means your vehicle goes backwards. I never thought putting it in REVERSE would cause it to go SIDEWAYS!

I put it in PARK. Then DRIVE. I'd go forward and then reverse again, I figured. I'd get out of this. About 4 to 6 times of trying and going no where but sideways, closer and closer to this shrub on the rear left side and a cross-tie buried in snow, I realized, I was just spinning my tires. I got upset. I'm going to have to call Hubby at work. Is he going to be mad? I wondered. I'll kick his tail if he is mad, I decided. Why didn't he take the kids to his mother's anyway, I deduced. Why do I have to do everything! (My female, whining emotions were getting frayed at this point). I got out of the car and looked around. Could I dig myself out? I could, but I still needed someone to push me. The cars driving by on the road weren't helpful and they weren't stopping.

I sighed and got back in the car. I dialed my husband's number - Thank the Lord for Cell phones! - and when my husband answered I got a little choked up, but explained I had gotten the car stuck. He wasn't mad, but said he'd be right there.

Okay... I sniffed and shed a couple of tears ( why I cry at situations like this, I don't know) then I trudged back up the hill to my MILs house to wait for hubby.

Well, hubby arrived a few minutes later. In the mean time, my MIL gave me a great pair of Doc Martens boots that she couldn't wear. Ah, I had some great new snow boots! Praise the Lord, because I wasn't prepared - clothing wise - for this snowy weather. Thank you MIL Angie!

Back to Hubby. He wasn't mad... just had that stern look on his face he wears when he's figuring something out. He checked out the situation, then secured a huge chain to my vehicle and to his and proceeded to pull me out of being stuck. Thank the Lord for his 4x4 Truck!

And hubby, well, he's my HERO!

Everything turned right with my world once again and I made it to work safe and sound - because my hubby drove me (Phew!)

Lesson learned?

1)  4-wheel drive is the only type of vehicle to have in this much snowy precipitation.
2)  Nothing good ever comes out of my emotional outbursts.

What have you learned from a challenging situation?


  1. Christy,
    When my hubby and I first ventured out I asked "why aren't we taking the big truck?" he said "Because it doesn't have front wheel drive." Oh. I had no idea.
    But we took our Altima and the roads in Cherokee were actually good. I drove to work Friday by myself. Thursday, he took me.
    What I learned from this snow situation is this.
    I LOVE being at home. I had no desire to leave. Cabin fever? It didn't set it. I was having the time of my life.
    But alas, it's back to the grind this week.
    And guess what I figured out? December 24th, I got off work early, then except for the Jan 4,5,6 and 7 when I went to work, hubby and I have been together 24/7 since 12/24/10. And again, I LOVED it!

  2. Christy, I'm glad your hubby wasn't mad and he was able to get you out. We don't have a 4x4, but both our vehicles, my husband's truck and my Altima are front wheel drives. I slipped and slid a little to work. We had to go in half day on Wed. My daughter was out of school M-F.

    Lindi, I've already realized I LOVE being home. I was mad that I had to go into work. Why? All our meetings were cancelled and we all have access to the servers at work from home. My boss had already been in touch with us Mon & Tue, what was the purpose in making us drive in when we could work from home? Oh, well, back to the grind stone it was. I'm an advocate of working from home anyway.

  3. Christy, I bet that was scary! I've slid sideways in a car before while parked on wet leaves. We were in college, and carload of us started screaming. it's very unnerving!!

  4. Loved reading your story Christy. It's funny how different we are when it comes to snow. I guess we're just so used to it up here. :)

  5. So sorry you had to go through that, Christy. Me? I just stayed home. Loved it!!! I venture to guess that I won't love it if the school system announces we have to make up any of those days, but it was nice not to have to worry about having to get somewhere.

    I must admit I've been shocked at how all the school's are closed but no snowplows or de-icing material was used on the roads. I grew up in the foothills of NC, and though they don't get a ton of snow like the northern states, that state is more prepared to deal with the elements than here. Even after 23 yrs., GA still has the ability to amaze me when it comes to bad winter weather.

  6. Lindi, my husband couldn't stand it. He drove somewhere every day that we were shut in. I was fine with being at home, however I was also "working" while at home. bummer.

    Jenn, Front wheel drive is much better than Rear. my daughter enjoyed being out of school all those days too. Our county is out for MLK Day.

    Missy, it was an experience!!! One I don't want to repeat!

    Eva, well, it was beautiful, and seeing it piled up on the roads and yards is a different sight down here. I wouldn't mind it if I was more used to dealing with it on the roads.

    Dianna, I agree. It put us in a state of emergency. We completely shut down! Hope you don't have to make up too much, or that they don't take away pay!!!!

  7. ROFLOL! Christy, I probably would have worked myself into a tizzy just like you did. Why do we fear our hubbys will get made when we need them? Don't we know that they like to be needed? I think they sometimes like it when we're their little damsel in distress and they get to play the white knight.
    And I could have told you rear wheel drives and ice don't mix, but you didn't ask me:-)