Monday, January 10, 2011


Thought I'd share some snow pics with you.

Lindi P.


  1. Great photos! I think you got a little more than we did. I measured 6 inches this morning.

    Your poor doggies is up to his body! LOL

    (please excuse my blogger profile photo. I've been taking part in a costume party at the Seekerville blog today! I'm Susannah Wesley.) :)

  2. Love the photo Missy!

    Hi Mindy--I can't watch The Bachelor tonight because hubby is watching the bowl game. Will catch up later this week. :( (Wanted to watch tonight!)

  3. Too funny :-) I do think it's beautiful. I know it's weird, but this Montanan doesn't like snow. I don't like the cold!

  4. I think you have more snow than we do and I am so much further north :)

  5. It looks like we got about 5 inches in Newnan - south of the Atlanta airport. It's gorgeous, but I don't like the icy road conditions.

  6. We have about 3". Looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We took a walk in the snow around our neighborhood pond. As many times as it has snowed, today was the first time there was an icy later over it.