Sunday, January 9, 2011

T.T.I.N. -- The Time Is Now

Christy here.... Tomorrow my son will turn one year old. I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by.

When I look back at this year and years that have passed, I realize I have to utilize every single day I'm blessed to receive. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring and what challenges we'll face. What could happen that will keep us from striving toward our goals? The answer is: Anything.

The time is now to move toward your goal. Yet somehow, we must also keep ourselves available to those that need us. Our time with our family is precious. I write this as a reminder to myself as well. When selfish inclinations try to seep in, I have to remember to shut them out.

If you have been blessed with a job, although it may not be what you've always dreamed of doing, you should cling to each day you are blessed to continue that job, for tomorrow it could be over. Having the job, the support of family, will work toward helping you achieve your goals.

Now, to state the goal.  I'll go first... I have several stories I need to write. I don't have a clear map laid for them, but the general idea is there. Somehow, I need to continue to work on these. I have to manage my family and my job and find time to write each day.

There are important dates coming up. One, the deadline for the Genesis Contest is coming up on March 4th.  I believe the Faith, Hope, and Love chapter of RWA, who also hosts a contest, will be reaching the deadline in April. And all year there will be new contests open, with agents and editors judging the final rounds, providing you opportunities to get your name out there.

It's been a while since I had a writing challenge, but the time is now to work on my writing and gather a gang of writers to also work toward their goals. As you know, when I blog about my writing progress, and read your progress, it helps keep me accountable. 

To celebrate my son's first birthday, tomorrow I will begin the T.T.I.N Challenge on my blog. I invite you to come with your goal and plan to check in regularly with your progress. My goal will be to enter at least one manuscript in the Genesis Contest this year. My ultimate goal is to enter two stories. Wow! That would be a major accomplishment!

Am I alone in this, or is anyone else working on something in which they need a deadline set? I'd love to hear from you and support you on your journey.

Christy LaShea
Life is short, follow your dreams!


  1. Christy,
    Your son is such a cutie!!

    I like your idea of TTIN -- headed over to your blog now!

  2. Wow--a year old! Time is flying by.
    I like the challenge.

  3. Thanks Edwina & Lindi!

    Yay Edwina!!

    Lindi... I'm going to join you in the Bible study... I appreciate you putting our attention back to where it should be! I need that so much!!

  4. Wow, a year old today!! Tell him happy birthday! :)

    TTIN for working like crazy despite the fact the kids are home because of snow!! :)

  5. Love this! Happy Birthday :-) That was one fast year!