Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best I LOVE You Contest

Happy Valentines Day! Love is all around, and I'm thrilled it's my day to post. Because I love LOVE!

There are many aspects regarding writing a romance novel that I enjoy. One is the 'I love you' moment. You know, where the guy tells the girl he love her. Or, maybe your girl is a little spunky and tells him first. Regardless, as long as the love is returned, it's a life-changing moment in our stories.

I find in my books, at least so far, that moment is at the end of the book. Remember I'm the chick with the happy ending theory. Love the happy ending.

Check out this 'I love you' moment.

I must love my kids.
It's two in the morning on Christmas Eve and I'm in the middle of a parking lot unloading toys from a storage trailer. And I'm not stealing them. I had hidden them from prying eyes and closet diggers.
My handsome guy had gallantly offered to store my children's Christmas fare in this storage trailer at the place of his business. I had graciously accepted.
After the kids had gone to sleep and since my mother was at my house, my handsome guy and I hopped into his pick-up truck and headed for the toys.
Praise the Lord there is nothing to put together.
My handsome guy closes the bed of the pick-up. I climb into the cab rubbing my hands together in an attempt to generate some warmth. Moments later, he slides in. After he starts the truck the vents start blowing out air. Of course it's not all that warm right away, but I know it's only a matter of time.
"Thank you for letting me store the kids toys here. It worked out great."
"Anytime," my handsome guy says. "Glad I could do it."
I'm looking at my handsome guy thinking about how handsome he is. Handsome and sweet. Nice and caring. And I know after we get back to my place and unload the toys he still has a forty-five minute ride to his house.
This guy is special.
"Well, it was really sweet of you."
"I love you."
His words jar me. In a great kind of way. I had wanted to hear them, but I never expected to hear them right now.
"I love you, too. You know I do."
He kisses me.
His lips leave mine. Almost shyly, he puts the truck into gear and starts driving.
I turn the vent away.
I'm warm now.

Okay--confession time. That scene is not from one of my books. It's my real-life I love you from my now hubby. Yes, that's how it happened. Maybe the dialogue preceding the I Love You isn't exactly the way it was, but the rest is pretty accurate.

So this is what we're doing today. In the comment section tell us about your favorite 'I love you' moment. It can be from anywhere. Real-life, a book, a movie, a friend's story. We're not picky here on the F.A.I.T.H. blog. We love all kinds of love.

If you leave an 'I love you' story your name will be tossed into the little pink box. You have until Thursday night at midnight to leave a story. Friday we will post the name of the winner.
And that winner will win a $25 dollar gift card to you favorite restaurant to go toward a romantic dinner. (If you win and don't want the romantic dinner card Starbucks and Amazon are always an option as well!)

So let's hear them. Your favorite 'I love you' moment!


  1. What a sweet story, Lindi!! I was reading, thinking, wow, I wonder what story she put this scene into??


    I can't believe I've known you for years but haven't heard that story!! Very sweet.

    I think my favorite was when my hubby proposed to me. He did so at the very spot where we met. We'd talked about marriage, but he'd always said he wanted to wait until he was finished with seminary. But then he gave me a ring box. And inside, it had a little note that said, "Will you? THIS year?"

    I was stunned. He still had a year to go in school. But it made me feel like he couldn't wait to marry me!! Ahhh. Very romantic.

  2. There have been lots of I love you moments in our thirty plus years of marriage. But the most recent was when I got my pixie cut. Guys do not like short hair. He was pouting ahead of time. But he saw it, broke into a smile and said, "It will take some getting used to but I really like it." My response was "I love you" because I knew he put my feelings above his own.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. BTW, I just went to Facebook to see your haircut, Julie. I LOVE it!! So cute on you.

  4. Missy--thanks! It was a sweet story. I still remember feeling so awesome after he said it!

    And I like your story. Don't we love surprises?

  5. Julie--Your hubby sounds awesome. I like your story!

  6. My guy is not a word man, but he shows his love in pretty amazing ways. The most recent big event was my gift this past Christmas. My hubby knew I wanted a Nook e-reader, but the cash was not there to make the big purchase. So, he used a giftcard he received for years of service on his part-time job, a second gift card he received for perfect attendance on his full-time job, found a friend who had an employee discount, and wound up getting the gift for less than $50 out of pocket. It was so special because he used all of his gifts to buy mine. I was very touched, and have loved using my gift!

  7. Dianna, that's so sweet!! And generous.

  8. Dianna,
    Sometimes actions can say I love you. That was very generous and loving of him.

  9. I am very fortunate to have many
    "Best I Love You" Stories in my
    life! What came to my mind first;
    though, is the birth of our two
    sons. It wasn't easy for me to have
    any children and we were blessed
    to receive the blessings of two
    pregnancies. My husband cried when
    both of our wonderful sons were
    born. To me, those are forever
    best love stories...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  10. Cindi---you spell Cindi like I spell Lindi--love it!

    Yes, when you see your children--that's true love!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. So many wonderful "I love you" moments - it's hard to decide which one to share. One of the best is when I stood at the entrance to the sanctuary and saw Dave standing at the altar. He smiled as I started walking down the aisle and as I got closer, his eyes were glistening (so were mine). When I said my vows to him, two big fat tears rolled down his face and I reached out and wiped them away. It was such a beautiful moment because we both realized how far God had brought us to where we were at that moment in time. God has shown us over and over again in the six and one-half years we've been married, that this marriage - this love - was meant to be. Our love grows deeper and stronger every day.

  12. Edwina---be still my heart!! What a story. You must put it into fiction somehow.
    It's not only beautiful and romantic, it certainly says I love you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. My grandmother and grandfather don't really show much affection, but when I was a girl for a moment that changed. We had been sitting in the living room, and I asked them how they had met. They stared at each other, smiled, and seemed to have forgotten I was even in the room. They started sharing a story about going to a dancing hall and how much fun they had. I knew then that they had been in love. gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

  14. Oh, Edwina, I just love to see a man cry at a wedding! Wow. That's powerful love.

  15. Adge, that's so sweet! I'm sure it was nice to know how much love was there. They were just very private about it. And who knows, maybe by asking you made them stop and think and appreciate each other all over again. :)

  16. Hey, girl! Is your book coming out soon? Be sure to let me know so I can review it!! :-)