Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How are your resolutions coming along?

Angie here:
Today's a great day to revisit the resolutions or goals you set for 2011. Have they hit the rocks?


I'm so glad you asked.

Did you know your success rate is higher if you plan to revisit your goals regularly? By forgetting to review them, our ship loses its way and crashes on the jagged rocks. The glimmer of hope, or guiding light, is to keep your concentration on the target.

I was stunned to read on my Bible reading plan, Proverbs 4: 25-27. "Keep looking straight ahead without turning aside. Know where you are headed, and you will stay on solid ground. Don't make a mistake by turning to the right or the left."

I realized I achieved several smaller goals, but I hadn't revisited my bigger goals in the last few weeks. They felt as big as the ocean all of a sudden. I almost bought into the constant waves of busy. Instead of walking on my solid path, I'd gotten lost looking at the overwhelming size of the ocean.

It's so easy to get off track just by taking our eyes off the goal ahead. But even Solomon taught focus and he was known for wisdom, intelligence, and achievement. I'm revisiting my goals to evaluate my progress and check my compass for true North.

Are you revisiting your goals regularly?
Evaluating your progress?
Making tweaks?


  1. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. Over the weekend I had lost 7 lbs.

    My goal was to finish my Scottish novella. I completed that this weekend.

    Now my new goal is to plot and write the Quaker novella.

    My goal was to judge a contest. I did.

    Now my goal is to finish reading one book and two others that I promised to influence for two other authors.

    I think I'm on track, but as soon as I accomplish one goal, I have another to replace it.

  2. Great idea, Angie! I need to write my goals down to help me remember to revisit them. Especially those larger ones.

    Jenn, sounds like you had a productive weekend!

  3. We just heard a sermon that said Jan 30th is the day people give up on their new year resolutions.
    The 4-part series encompassed how to go forward and not give up. How to look ahead and not be discouraged if nothing changes immediately. The culture we are in is very detrimental to anything that takes longer than a minute to do.

  4. So important to be aware of what we want to achieve. It takes time and we are programmed for instant success. But the real world doesn't provide instant success, only instant popcorn ;-)