Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice + Snow + Sub-Zero Temps = One Frazzled Mom

Mindy here. Last week I told you about a winter storm moving into Dallas-Ft. Worth. Now, I grew up in Michigan, I've lived in South Dakota, Germany, and Iceland, but wintry precip in north Texas is a whole nuther ball game. Below is my journal from the past week.

Tuesday, Feb. 1—

Ice storm overnight. Freezing rain, two inches of sleet, and a frosting of snow. School’s out. What fun they’ll have sledding/sliding down the icy drive. Temperatures are plummeting, though. Hmm…better fill their tummies with something hot and hearty. I’ve already baked a loaf of bread. Good thing I stocked up. White bean chili will warm the cockles of their heart as we enjoy movie night in front of the fireplace. Oh, good. They’ve already called off school for tomorrow. What an adventure.

Wednesday, Feb. 2—

Woke to news of rolling blackouts. Not good when temperatures are in the teens. At least we’ve got the fireplace to keep us warm. Better hurry and make breakfast, though. Pancakes.

Anything that melted from the warm earth yesterday froze overnight, making any horizontal surface even slipperier. Our sloped driveway is now a skating rink. Surprisingly, the cold and ice haven’t kept the kids inside, except to hunt for makeshift sledding devices. They’re having loads of fun.

Today is also hubby’s birthday. Since I planned ahead, I already have the fixins for coconut cream pie (his request) and chocolate cupcakes (for the kids).

Darn. Power’s out. Guess I’ll wrap the presents he ordered for himself. Good thing, since I wasn't able to make the shopping trip I’d planned for yesterday.

Whew! Power’s back on. Only thirty minutes and the temp in the house dropped five degrees.

No going out for a birthday dinner tonight, so hubby requested grilled cheese on rye and tomato soup.

School’s called off again tomorrow. We can all sleep in. May as well throw together a breakfast casserole. Good hot fuel for the kids before they head outside for more sledding ingenuity.

Thursday, Feb. 3—

Running low on the basics—bread, milk, eggs. Man, this crew can eat. Can I make it out of the driveway? If I do, can I make it back in? Hmm, they’re forecasting more snow overnight. That’ll only camouflage the ice. Bet the kids won’t have school tomorrow either. I’m gonna go for it.

Temps haven’t risen above freezing since Tuesday, so the roads haven’t improved much. Got to remember to downshift and keep my foot off the brake.

Whoo-hoo! I made it up the driveway on the first try.

Kids are now building their own sledding devices and…taking water from the pool for their sledding hill? The mission is short-lived though. I just heard the two words I detest most in the English language—I’m bored.

Looks like chili and cornbread for dinner. I haven’t made this many bread items in forever. This Arctic blast is really affecting my waistline. At least all this cooking/baking is keeping me warm.

Oh look, no school tomorrow. I’ll try to contain my excitement.

Friday, Feb. 4—

What was supposed to be less than an inch of snow turned out to be two to three inches. Too powdery to make a snowman though. Pretty, but still cold.

Dressed up scrambled eggs and homemade biscuits top the breakfast menu.

Number one son had a friend sleep over, but number two son is bored. Friend has to go home, now they’re both bored. And four year old granddaughter is just bouncing off the walls. I’ve heard it said that Nora Roberts wrote her first book while snowbound with her kids. I can’t get mine to leave me alone long enough to put together a coherent sentence. Hubby assures me the twitch I’ve developed will go away eventually, but I’m not so sure.

I’m going to take a hot bath. Granddaughter bursts in. Sigh.

The sun came out. Yay! And temps are nearing thirty-two. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get above freezing. Please, please, please. In the meantime, it’s pulled pork tacos for dinner. I wonder if the kids ate all those chocolate chip cookies I made earlier.

Saturday, Feb. 5—

I’m free! Temps have sky-rocketed to the low fifties and everything is a melty mess, but life is back to normal. Sonic, Walmart, and Kohls, here I come. No cooking tonight. We’re ordering pizza!

Late-breaking news—Another winter storm is bearing down on north Texas, a repeat of last week. Quick! Somebody get me the number for Embassy Suites.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Don't forget to join me at Divine Imagination. This week's author interview is with Alice K. Arenz. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of her latest release, Mirrored Image.


  1. LOL, Mindy!! Sounds a bit familiar, except for all the baking. :)

    I think the hotel suite is a great idea!

  2. Cute Mindy! The memories will last a lifetime. :)

  3. Oh, girl, I laughed out loud! I am posting this on my Facebook page. Hilarious!

    Good for you and all the cooking you were doing! I wish I lived closer... I would have parked myself at your dinner table!

  4. Mindy,
    It sounds like our week in January. Crazy. Like Missy says--except the baking. I didn't bake.
    We're supposed to get more "stuff" here tonight.
    We'll see.

    Glad things are back to normal.

  5. Today didn't turn out at all like they forecasted, though the kids are still out of school. They predicted 3-5 inches of snow, after some freezing rain and sleet. Reality gave us less than an inch. Kiddos are disappointed. They didn't want school, but they did want to play in the snow.