Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let Down After the Mountain Top Experience

Missy, here. I'm in a time crunch this week and thought I'd just share a couple of things I've been blogging about or celebrating and also some links.

First, I've started hearing from readers who received my new Love Inspired, A Family for Faith, in the book club shipments. (If you're interested in receiving all the books each month in the mail--2 months early and discounted!--click here for info.)

Along with those early, heartwarming emails, I've also seen my first review of the book. I was tickled with the review on the Enduring Romance blog! You can read it by clicking here. (But be sure to come back!)

On the Craftie Ladies blog today, I posted about my daughter's Post-Justin Bieber movie letdown. I hope you'll hop over, read it, and then come back over here to share some of the methods you use to deal with the letdown we often have after mountain top experiences. I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. I get tend to get in a funk after conference too. Either that or it's just a daze from lack of sleep:-) Whatever the case, I don't want it to end. I'm the same way with Christmas. All the planning and effort. The beautiful decorations. Then it's over all-too-quick. Sigh.
    Cruises really leave me with a letdown. Just about the time I'm getting into the groove of things, it's over. Then it's back to reality--cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. Ick!

  2. Yeah, part of the problem is getting back to the daily grind. And sometimes the let down is due to all the hype. The event just can't live up to that hype sometimes.

  3. Missy, your daughter probably knows more about this than me, but I heard that there is another video coming out that's supposed to be a half hour long and somehow tie into that movie. Someone told me this info, so I'll apologize in advance if it's inaccurate, I didn't check it out for myself. Anyway, I think that is a good way to deal with any feelings of let down - start looking forward to the next event.

  4. Yes, Eva!! She's already begging me to find tickets. :)