Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Made in God's Image

Angie here:
The cosmetic industry makes a killing during this time of year for two reasons. Valentine's Day and bridal fairs. I like to take care of myself because I feel like God gave me the wonderful gift of my body. That includes my face and hair. He made us all in His image. When I look my best, I feel like I'm honoring the gift of God's image.

Inspired by a few tabloid photos displaying celebrities with and without makeup, I decided to try an experiment this morning after my workout and shower. I noticed that though I felt refreshed and energized, I looked tired and older in the mirror. I wondered if wearing make up really did make a difference. (Eh, I go through make up phases when I want to wear it and when I avoid it. The avoidance usually comes after a lot of appearances in stage make up.)

My experiment is a little gutsy because I'm going to post before and after pictures. If it goes the way I think it will, I have a great beauty tip to share. However, if you all are anything like my hubby... well, let's just say he doesn't notice if I'm wearing make up. That's a good thing if he thinks I'm pretty without it. Mmm, I'm voting for that option. ;-) Or his eye sight is failing. Hmm. No, I like the first option.

So here goes the experiment in the face of bad home lighting and pics taken by me from my cell phone:
No make up, bad lighting, hair just straight from the dryer

Day wear light make up, bad lighting,  hair just straight
This took ten minutes and I felt great. Okay, the hair needs to be up in a pony, but otherwise...
Keeping the hair and expression as close to the first photo as possible, all I'm wearing is eyebrow powder, light eye shadow, light blush, light lipstick, and minimal mascara. I think it's funny because in the mirror, I could totally tell the difference. The photos don't look very different to me though. Except I think by brushing my brows with a little color, they make my face look better as a whole. What do you think? Does it matter?
And the full out glam look with stage make up for modeling, professional photog, great lighting, hair done
This make up and hair took TWO hours. Who has time for that every day??
Yep, this is one scary post! Holy cow, what was I thinking?

I think it's important that we come to a place of acceptance and comfort with our own unique beauty. I am who I am. I'm a super pale brunette who has to wear make up to even be seen on stage, lol. The lights wash me completely away. You'd be challenged to find many people lighter skinned than moi. I know. Believe me I've heard about as many jokes about my color as anyone on the planet. Snow White. And yes, everyone thinks it's an original joke. I've come to see it as my uniqueness. It must be to have so many people constantly commenting on it. So now I embrace it as my own special Godly image. Lol, I'm so pale I glow in the dark! (It's kind of hard for me to play laser tag. I'm easily spotted even in black clothing. Go figure!) 

Make up enhances what I look like, but doesn't change me. I feel more confident out in public when I've polished my personal image. I feel like the time to take care of me helps my self-respect as much as it helps others respect me. Deep down, we really do recognize when we care about ourselves it translates sub-consciously into care of others and the world around us.

I've often been asked what my favorite beauty tip is or what I wouldn't leave the house without. Can you tell?

I wouldn't leave the house without powdering my brows and pulling my hair up. I may not be wearing any other make up, but by using a brush to powder my brows, my eyes seem to "wake up" and be more vibrant. That reflects who I am on the inside. A very vibrant person. I noticed, if I'm correct, that it makes me look a little younger too. Cool :-) Most women don't realize, by using the right shade of eyebrow powder, they will look more vibrant, awake, and full of life.

Here's my other secret... I just use dark brown eye shadow and a stiff eyebrow brush. Shh ;)

What one thing would you never leave your house without doing?

Would you post a before and after photo?

Do you have a favorite beauty tip?

Have you thought about how your appearance really reflects God's?


  1. You're right up my alley with this post, Angie. I rarely leave the house without makeup. That said, I don't spend a lot of time on it. I get it done in the morning and that's it, unless I have a special event later. Like you said, it doesn't change me. It's still me, only better.
    I'll let you know on the before photo :-)

  2. You brave woman! You are beautiful on the inside and the out, with or without make up. I live in rural Maine, so I have become a bit lazy as no one seems to notice...I go all natural most of the time, save lipstick and maybe a touch of mascara. But when I put make up on it takes years off my look and perks me up. I'm not the healthiest and when I look better, it gives me a little boost. My brows are manicured, but getting thinner so I might try your little trick. As for your snow white've probably met your match with me. When I was a teen it used to bother me that I couldn't tan, but now I'm grateful that my skin looks young and is healthy. I think we ought to start a "fair skin is the new tan campaign!

  3. Lol, Carla, I think you're on! We could have a blast with a campaign like that. We can attack skin cancer by teaching people not to tan and they get the added benefit of less wrinkles too!

    So today, I'm on a writing day. No make up, hair in ponytail, and about to hit the treadmill with Found In Translation by Roger Bruner and his daughter. Very enjoyable read.

    Oh, and the manicured eyebrows...I have them too. As we age, they do thin and the powder helps even them out :)

  4. Reading and the treadmill. I'm getting motion sick just thinking about it. You are one amazing gal!

  5. Hi Angie:

    Your third picture is absolutely beautiful! It must be reassuring to know that, at any time you want to, you can look like a movie star. Men don’t have that option. : )

    But this post made me think of a book idea. How about a book on ‘inner makeup’ -- cosmetics for making yourself beautiful inside by developing a glamorous soul. It could be marketed like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. You could have all kinds of spiritual hints based on beauty secrets and the makeup metaphor. Just find a beauty tip and develop the spiritual corollary.

    I couln’t write the first paragraph of such a book but I think the F.A.I.T.H. girls could knock it out in short order. The idea is yours if you want to run with it. : )


  6. Hi Vince,
    Thank you! I actually have toyed with a book idea like that for a while. It's the Courageous Beauty book. There's a skeleton format for it in my computer. But each time I've gone in to work on it I get side tracked with a different book. I think it must not be time for it yet so it percolates :-)

    I hadn't thought of doing it like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. That's a cool twist that might help me a lot.

    Great idea :-D

  7. Funny thing happened on the treadmill today, Carla. I had to stop and rest after 10 minutes because I'd just eaten lunch! Go figure. Can't read and walk on a full tummy!

  8. Angie- you're looking good no matter what.

    I can't really give any tips except- yep, make-up does make a difference. The only time I wear make up is when I'm working or going to church, which is at least 6 out of 7 days. My hubby's great like yours and could care less about being seen with me bare-faced. Thank God!

    During summer breaks I usually give my skin a rest because to me taking care of my skin includes time without being caked with make-up. I tend to break out less when I give my skin "breathing room."

    I'll join the "fair skin" club with you. My arm will burn from incoming sunlight on the drive home in the summer. It's a pain...literally and figuratively. And my hair is naturally a dark brunette too. There's more of us out there than you think.

  9. Dianna, you just gave me an idea based on Carla's earlier comment. We need to start the Snow White club!

    And I burn sitting in the car too. I tend to have something I can toss over my arm or I wear a long sleeved cotton blouse. It's funny because you can see where I've worn 3/4 sleeves for years from the freckles on my wrists and forearms!

  10. Hi-Ho. Hi-Ho. It's off to burn we go...

  11. ROFLOL!

    I'm wishing...
    I'm wishing...
    For skin that doesn't burn...
    I'm finding...
    I'm finding...
    red my skin does turn...
    I'm wishing...
    I'm wishing...

  12. Very brave of you, Angie! I don't spend much time on makeup. Maybe 5 minutes. But it makes all the difference in how I feel.

    My main beauty tip would be to mix half foundation, half moisturizer (or just use tinted moisturizer) to give a more natural look.

    We ate lunch outside on Sunday (it was a gorgeous day in Georgia, 65 degrees and sunny), and my husband complimented me on how natural and smooth my skin looked even in bright sunlight. He earned some brownie points on that one! :)

    My can't live without item: mascara.

  13. Ang,

    I think you are naturally beautiful which is why the first picture stands out to me.

    I never leave the house without a little mascara and a little eye liner. Nothing much, just a tad.

    I just learned I have a condition called Vitiligo? Not sure of the spelling--the brochure isn't handy. But my face is now 2 different colors. Not so noticeable during the winter, but the summer will bring a major difference. I wore face make up for the first time last year trying to even my face out. I guess that'll be a challenge from now on. I try keep my face out of the sun, but I do have a convertible! Maybe we'll have to rethink that. (although I love it)

    Any tips?

  14. Lindi, I suggest using sunscreen every day. I have moisturizer with SPF 20 that I mix with my foundation. I've tried several and love the Meaningful Beauty Day Creme best. It's very light and seems to brighten my skin. (I love their night cream as well.)

  15. Hi Lindi,
    Yes, I do have some suggestions. First you have to know that I was a spokesmodel for Olay. But I've continued to use their products because the cost and the result are valuable to me.

    Olay has a great foaming moisturizer that evens out skin tone. It's awesome but it takes patience because the process is several weeks. I love this stuff! People say my skin glows from it and I can tell in before/after photos the difference in skin tone evening out.

    Next, layer your foundation. Always use wet before dry, by the way. So layer on in this order:
    1. moisturizer
    2. any fix control like under eye or blemish concealer
    Use this on the darker side of your face to blend it up to the lighter side
    3. liquid foundation to match the darker side of your face but be sure to blend in under the chin to avoid any lines on the jaw
    4. powder/mineral foundation
    This sets the liquid to stay long term but adds another layer of coverage. I always use it for stage make up prep or long days at conferences :-)
    5. All other color make up
    6. Setting powder, transluscent
    7. mascara

    There are professional level coverage but they're more expensive.

    Another option would be to see an esthetician for laser, facials, and the more expensive products that cover birthmarks. But I bet the beauty regime here will give you a satisfaction level that doesn't hurt the budget.

    Hope that helps, please let me know what you experience and we'll tweak from there.

  16. Ang,
    Thanks!! I don't have all those items. I think I'll wait until summer to purchase more because my skin color changes so much. But I never thought of layering. That's interesting.
    I'll print this off and save.
    I'll look into the Olay product. I love all their products that I've bought.

  17. Lindi, like Angie, I love Olay's products. However, they have so many out there now it can be a little overwhelming unless you know exactly what you're looking for. I've also found that not all stores carry the same products. So before you go, check out thier website,, and then click on "skin care consultation" at the very top of the page. They'll ask you lots of questions about your skin, and then recommend the best products for your skincare needs. Most likely it'll direct you to their Definity line, but it will still give you specific products.