Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Technology to Make Your Jaw Drop

Jenn here. When my husband sent me this video from Microsoft, my jaw really did drop open, and I can't stop thinking about it. Move over Jetsons, here we come!

Did you ever think it would be possible to swipe a video image off a table, into your hand, pass to a friend's hand, and touch a wall and "WALLA" it appears? Literally transferring a video image through people's bodies?

You ought to see the homes of the future. I'd be afraid to go visit someone's house for the weekend, worried I wouldn't have any privacy in the bathroom or something. It's great for parents who want to look into each room and make sure their children are okay, but still...I'm worried about the privacy issue.

And we thought the ipad, and e-book were a new revolution. You haven't seen nothing yet, until you see this video on Microsoft's new technology. I would encourage you to watch the whole thing. Before long we will be writing digital video with our words instead of writing books. As soon as we type or say a word, a video image is created and acted out into a movie. I'm NOT kidding. I can really see this happening in our future!


  1. Wow! Very Jetsons, like you said!! :)

  2. This is what they'll show the public, I wonder what they won't show us? They could have even better stuff in the making.

  3. Eva Maria, That's exactly what my husband said. He thinks they must have a whole lot more up their sleeves if they're willing to show us this much.

  4. I agree, Dianna, Missy, and Angie.

    Angie wanted to know if my "Walla" was a pun for "Voila" and the answer is yes. In my southern corner of the world we often say that instead.

  5. Hi Jennifer:

    While all this new fancy stuff is fascinating, did you see the news tonight about the Florida high school that bought all its students Kindles? By next year it expects to have all textbooks on the Kindle. When eReaders get down to $10 all school systems will be doing this.

    I expect educational foundations to pay to have textbooks written and given free to any school system that wants to use them on their eBook readers. This will eliminate billions of dollars in textbook costs while increasing quality and eliminating a great deal of corruption.

    Sometimes the biggest changes come from the less glamorous inventions. Wait and see.


  6. Cool... and my first thought when I saw the digital wallpaper was, I wonder how much my electric/energy bill would be if I had this at my house!

  7. Hi Jennifer, I know this is an old post of yours, but I just saw this today and it relates so I thought it might interest you:

    Enjoy the possibilities!