Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Your Favorite?

I know a lot of the people that read this blog are women. I also know we have men that read it, also. Hi Vince!!!

The reason I'm even bringing that up is because this post is about sports.

Yesterday my family was at my father's house for dinner. Everyone had arrived a little early and we were watching the Daytona 500. Me, my husband, my dad and my son are probably the only ones who really even knew what was going on, but by the end of the race we were all glued to the television rooting for a virtually unknown driver to win.
He did.
He had just turned 20 years old on Saturday, then Sunday he won the biggest race of the year. The NASCAR superbowl they call it. When interviewed he talked about how they (the team) had been praying. I think this young man has a really bright future.

We were not in a room full of NASCAR fans yesterday, but there was a whole lot of yelling going on at the end.

What's your favorite sport to watch? Is there any particular one that will get you or your family totally into it?

Lindi Peterson
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. We were watching, too! And we don't usually, but just happened to catch the end and got totally caught up in it. :) The winner was so cute!

    In our family, as you know, we're all huge Atlanta Falcons fans! We've had season tickets for 22 or 23 years. Although a couple of years ago when my son went off to college and my daughter begged us not to make her go anymore, we cut down to two tickets. Now my hubby and son go. Oh, I did get to go to the play off game because my son was out of town. :)

  2. Football would have to be at the top of my list. High school is the most fun, but I enjoy the pros too. Especially when it's a good game like this year's Superbowl. The family tries to make an event of it.
    Of course, I always love me some Dallas Cowboys action. It's just painful when they lose:-)
    Baseball is another fave, though I get bored when it drags on too long.
    BTW, I love the story behind the kid who won Daytona. Hubby read it in the paper and said it sounds like a Disney movie in the making :-)

  3. Oh, boy, Mindy. I may have to shun you if you're a Cowboys fan! ;)

    We watch baseball, too! Have always loved the Braves. But of course with Buster, we've taken to watching the Giants. :)

  4. Missy, I gotta tell ya, the Falcons loss was our gain. I love Keith Brooking. He's always so fired up.

  5. He's a good guy. Just getting a little old. :)

  6. Football reigns supreme in our house - especially college (GA) football. We'll watch pro occasionally.

  7. Speaking of sports...

    Last night I got my what I call my "Nick fix." My son flashed on TV while they showed a close shot of the Cameron Crazies at the Duke/Tech game. :) He was sticking his tongue out and had his fingers in his ears!

    I texted him and asked if he was sticking it out at us since he knew we'd be watching for him. He said, no, he was doing a fish face. LOL But I guess they faded out before he did the gills with his hands.

    So fun since we don't get to see him often. :)

  8. And now I'm done resting between scenes. Need to go write one more today. :)

  9. I'm not a sports person, but if I had to choose what to watch on television it would probably be basketball. That's the sport where I know most of the rules and can follow the referee's calls the best.

    I do go to high school football games, basketball games, and soccer games at the school where I work to cheer on my students and my children. However, if I had a choice I would watch a good movie instead.

    Mindy, you'd love my hubby. He's a Cowboy fan all the way!

  10. You've got a good man there, Dianna:-)

  11. Hi all,
    I knew Missy would be a Falcon's fan. And Giants for baseball as well. We all kind of got caught up watching Buster this year. It was fun.
    Mindy, my son-in-law is a huge Dallas Cowboy's fan.
    Dianna, I don't watch too much basketball. My hubby and I like to watch bowling on TV. It's really pretty interesting.
    We also like college football.

  12. We love basketball as a family because our son, Grayson, is a sophomore in college. He's an assistant coach now for his college with the dream of having a coaching career. I believe he will :-) We loved going to his high school games, but now he's too far away to see his college games. We've been able to watch one on the internet and plan to again this week as they go into tournaments :-) Go Jimmies!