Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are You a Rebel?

Mindy here. As you may, or may not, know, our four year old granddaughter lives with us while her mother serves in the United States Navy. She's been with us now for eighteen of the last twenty-two months. And I'm here to tell you, she certainly makes life interesting. Add in the fact that she's a very strong willed child, and there are days when you'll find one exasperated grammy.

From the moment granddaughter wakes up, the "I wants" begin. "I want a show." "I want a treat."

"Well, you need to eat breakfast first."

"No. I want a treat."

Now as her grandmother, I know that she needs a nutritious breakfast to help her grow. She doesn't care about that. She's living in the moment. And at that moment, she wants something quick and sugary.

Aside from the nutrition factor, "treats" are rewards. Snacks are doable, but treats should be reserved for accomplishments.

"I want a treat."

"You didn't pick up your toys."

"I want a treat."

"Then let's pick up your toys." I come alongside her, get down on her level, and show her exactly what I need her to do.

"No. I want a treat."

"Not until you pick up your toys."

"I want a treat!" The meltdown begins. That whole mentality of "I want what I want when I want it, and if I don't get it."

Sometimes she gets an immediate escort to her room. Sometimes she gets spanked. Sometimes I can't help but laugh.

You see, I'm a visual learner. I've come to the conclusion that God has placed my strong-willed granddaughter in my life to give me a visual of how I act with Him.

"Lord, I want this."

"But I've asked you to do this."

"I can't do that, God. It's too hard."

"I will help you."

"I know. And I will do it...later. But God, if you'll just give me this right now, it would make doing that so much easier."

Yep, I'm more like my granddaughter than I care to admit. And like her, I can choose obedience to what I've been called to do, and get a "treat," or I can throw a fit and rebel and miss out on what God has in store especially for me.

Are you quick to obey when God calls on you to do something, or are you prone to rebel? If your like me and your knee-jerk reaction is to rebel, how does God open your eyes?

Happy Tuesday, y'all. And be sure to pop by Divine Imagination. This week's author interview is with Janet Dean. You could win a copy of her brand new release, Wanted: A Family.


  1. Mindy,
    I think I recognize myself there a little. Wow--great analogy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL, Mindy! I'm a rebel, I'm sure.

    Love the new photo, Lindi!

  3. I'm way late, Mindy. But I loved your post. Great analogy!!