Monday, March 7, 2011

Blast From the Past

I was cleaning out some things from the garage over the weekend. Not too many things, mind you. But a couple of boxes that my husband needed moved really needed my attention. One of them held recipe books. Nice. These boxes have been in our garage for six years and apparently I haven't even missed them. Hmmmm. But I saved them. Another hmmmmm.

Another box held a treasure of stuff including my diary. I spent a few minutes looking at it. I tried to remember all the people who's names I had etched in pen. Friends I loved--friends I hated. Such a strong word, but I used it a couple of times.

And apparently if I ever had a girl the two names I liked were Athena Lee and Angeleque Lynn. I have a daughter. Her name is Brenna.
And the boy? Well, he was to be named Kenneth Lee or Andy Lee. I have a boy. His name is Alex.
There went that.

On May 16th, 1975 I went and saw the movie Tommy. Did you know 'Roger Daltry has got to be the most fantastic member of the opposite sex alive.' I'm sure you knew that!

One other tidbit I'll bore you with is this: Every guy was 'tuff.' I just laugh at that. Tuff? Did we really use that term in regard to really cute guys? I guess so, because I used it on about every other page.

The time period of this diary spanned from 1973 to 1979. It's not full and its very sporadically written, but I had fun looking at it.

Did you ever keep a diary? Do you remember any crazy words like 'tuff' that you used?

Lindi Peterson-Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. LOLOL!!!! Oh, I had totally forgotten about using that word tough!!! What a hoot. (yes, hoot is an old word, too, that my kids like to make fun of.) :)

    How fun to find that diary! I don't think I kept one past elementary school where all I talked about was how gross most boys were. :)

  2. Lindi,
    I do have a diary tucked away somewhere. One day I will pull it out and read it. Probably surprise myself too. :)

    When I was younger I actually found and read my father's diary from when he was a teen (with his perission of course). How fun!

    I love reading diaries, for example from historical figures. They are just so interesting!

  3. Eva maria, that would be amazing to read a parents's journal! Maybe I should start keeping one to pass down to my kids someday. :)

  4. Hi ladies,

    It's fun rereading it. There's nothing really bad in it. I guess I didn't write that stuff down!

    Eva, I agree with Missy--what an amazing thing it would be to read your parent's diary.
    And historical ones are great, too!

  5. It was interesting reading my dad's journal and I did have to ask him what a couple of the expressions meant :)

    Missy, you should write one. As an author it might be worth something some day :)

    I kept a journal for my daughter for the first two years of her life. Probably more information than she'll ever want to know :) But I could just picture her reading it on a day to day basis when she has her first child.

    Lindi, I like your new photo! What a beautiful blue color.

  6. Eva-
    I'm sure your daughter will love it. I didn't do anything like that and wish I had.
    I'm glad you like the photo. It's a little more updated.