Monday, March 14, 2011

Changing With The Time Change

I couldn't believe it Friday when someone at work told me the time was changing over the weekend. Spring ahead, fall back. Well, this is spring, so that means I lose an hour of sleep.
Like I don't already have a hard enough time getting up in the morning. Like I need one less hour for my body to rejuvenate. Well, I had a plan. Yes I did.
I went to bed at 9 o'clock Saturday night. Well, let's say I got into bed. Then I turned the television on to Lifetime. A movie had just started. But don't get me started on the movie because it was a bad movie. Yes, I know it was bad because I stayed up and watched it.

Hello 11 o'clock, (which was midnight in reality.)
So, then I switch over and start watching another really bad movie. All the while I'm wondering what I'm doing because I'm supposed to be getting a head start on the losing an hour's worth of sleep thing.
Then my cell phone rings. It's my daughter asking me what time it is. I tell her it's 12:15 and she says thanks, her phone hadn't changed time yet. Then she asks was I asleep.
No, I answer.
Needless to say my 'plan' wasn't successful.
So 7 o'clock came early for me Sunday morning. (Because it was really only 6 o'clock.)

How about you? Do you handle the time change well? Do you fight it? Or try to fool it like I did?

Lindi P.
Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. I accept the change but don't do anything to avoid or fool it. I managed to drag myself out of bed on Sunday, but I felt the effects of the hour loss greatly!

    Love your new picture, Lindi!

  2. My sleep schedule varies so much it never really affects me (unless I'm late to church!) :) Of course, my husband usually goes all around the house changing clocks in the early evening, so we're forced to adjust early. haha

    This year, though, I messed up. My son and I stayed up late (his last night of spring break before heading back to Durham), and we finally realized the atomic clock hadn't changed. We thought it was 2:45 but it was 3:45! Needless to say I was exhausted yesterday! And of course worried about him driving sleep deprived. He did get back safely with the help of a Red Bull or two. :)

  3. I don't sleep well anyway so the time change doesn't affect me. What was strange was to be up at 2AM - looked at the program guide on TV and saw that it skipped 2:00 AM completely. It went from 1:30 straight to 3:00. For a minute there, I thought I was losing it completely! :)

  4. I like you go with the flow ladies. I wish my body would. I just 'feel' it so much. Not sure why. It's probably in my head.
    Christy, you know I felt it, too.
    Missy--girl you are always up--I thought you were working on it! JK I know your son was home and you wanted to spend time with him.
    Edwina--that must have been weird with the television shows. I had no idea what happened in that time slot.
    Jenn--Way to go! With the flow!

  5. I think I look so forward to it staying lighter our later that I don't care if I lose an hour of sleep. We finally got sun here after almost an entire week of cloudiness, so having the sun out until after 7pm was great. Now I am looking forward to the summer when the sun stays up until 10pm.

    But, Lindi I unfortunately can relate to asking myself (more times than I care to count) why am I staying up and watching this terrible show :)

  6. Eva,
    It is nice when it stays lighter later. I do enjoy that part.
    I'm glad you finally got to see the sun!

  7. I hate the daylight savings. Seriously, it started as an experiment and has never succeeded except to cause people loss of sleep and stress. I loved living in AZ for their lack of following the daylight savings. With all the damage it does to us in sleep-deprivation, they just need to end the experiment and save us all a lot of hassle. The news said there's a 67% rise in worker absenteeism. Shouldn't that send the message? The farmers and the animals really don't care what time it is when the sun comes up and goes down. They still do what they do regardless. I think we humans are hilarious for trying to control the sun and the clock like this. God must be rolling up there in heaven laughing at the nonsense we attempt :-)

  8. Ang,
    I agree with you. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea absenteeism changed like that.
    It's crazy.