Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interview with Greg Hennis, radio broadcaster of Second Chances

Angie here:
Today I have the honor of interviewing my new friend, Christian broadcasting and television personality, Greg Hennis. His show, Second Chances, can be heard on LiftFM 98.5 in New Jersey. Listen in to our interview and you'll see why his golden voice is on the air. I've also posted his testimony on my blog, for you. Welcome our talented guest, Greg.

Angie: What drew you into broadcasting?

Greg: The love of music, I grew up in a home where my Dad loved the Oldies so I was always around it. He told me how he'd wanted to stay in broadcasting but being an announcer was not enough money. Dad tried to do sales but didn't make it. The sales part was not what I wanted to do until later, but it has allowed me to follow my dream. I've grown to love that part.

Angie: Who has been a mentor or someone you admired in your chosen profession? 

Greg: First my Dad. Later the guy who gave me my first on air job, and later an old time salesman who taught me that side of the craft. Today I would say the founders of TBN, Paul and Jan Crouch. Hearing what God did for them lets me know that he has something special for me.

Angie: Can you point to a specific event in your life that influenced your decision to start this ministry? 

Greg: Not really just one, but I want to see people set free like God set me free.
Angie: You do both radio and tv in your ministry. Tell us a little about how they blend into your purpose. 

Greg: I know Jesus came to serve and that is the constant for me-- to serve others. Most ministries don't know what is needed to be on radio and TV. We help them with anything they need to reach the vision. From getting airtime, closed captioning, production or whatever they need. If I can help I do. If I can't I know usually someone who can.

Angie: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into radio or tv today? 

Greg: Pray and let God direct your paths and be ready for the fight of your life. The enemy doesn't want God to take back the airwaves, but we sure are.

Angie:  Please share your favorite part of what you do. 

Greg: Getting to know people, helping them, encouraging them. Whatever is necessary to show I care and letting them know, even if they don't know God, that our business is special because we have a purpose living for God and serving him no matter what.

Angie: What are your favorite websites and shows? 

Greg: News, Sports and Broadcasting Sites....Christian TV and Sports especially watching the Phillies and Eagles..All time favorite show is the "Waltons" I'm so glad it's on everynight at 8pm Eastern on INSP.

Angie: How do we find you on the web? 

Angie: Funniest or strangest moment in broadcasting? 

Greg: Funny--when I started in this business I had certain mental pictures of people I listened to. They were nothing liked they sounded when we met. Strangest moment was how I got hired at my second radio job in Vineland, NJ at 17 years old. It's a long story.

Angie: What's a dream or goal you have not yet achieved, but still plan to work toward? 

Greg: I would like to own a broadcast licenses for TV and Radio. Currently I lease time on various stations. The Lord has promised me a worldwide ministry and he sent me to a building named Wheaton Worldwide. When you enter, there is a map of the world. I know I'm on my way since the Lord is moving me along.

Angie: We know you are too! Thank you so much for being here with us today. Folks, you've got to read Greg's testimony. You can find it at: 

Here's the promised link to our interview that airs March 8th, 2011 at 9pm. Eastern on LiftFM 98.5 NJ. But it's up on Greg's website already so you can hear it now. He has the perfect broadcasting voice :-)


  1. Greg--thanks for being on the F.A.I.T.H. blog today. Your love of the Lord is apparent. While I always knew I wanted to write, I also thought being a broadcaster on the radio would be very fun.

  2. Lindi, you'd make a great broadcaster...especially for your favorite sport :-)

  3. Very nice voice! Greg, thanks for being on the blog today. I look forward to going back later to hear more of Angie's interview!

    Do you get nervous on air any more? It seems to me like live radio would be nerve wracking! :)

  4. Thanks for all your comments. To tell you the truth I don;t get nervous doing this show. There would have been a time that I did. But now that im doing what God has called me to do, it just comes natural.
    God Bless
    Greg Hennis

  5. I get very nervous speaking in front of people--I'm sure it would be the same way on the radio.

  6. I interned at a local TV station that produced a live TV religion show. Broadcast is definitely an interesting business with so much potential. I like what you said about God taking back the air waves.

  7. Thank you, Greg, for joining us today. It's nice to "meet" someone else who appreciates The Waltons.