Monday, March 21, 2011

My Book Cover-Her Best Catch

What can make a girl really happy? Ha---seeing her book cover! Her first-ever book cover. I was thrilled when I saw this. I had sent some book covers and pictures over to BelleBooks. They wanted to see what I liked. Deb Dixon took 2 concepts I sent and put them together.
When you get your first contract on a book--of course it's exciting. But there's something about seeing a cover that brings it to life. I kind of liken it to having a baby--you know it's going to be a girl/boy and you're thrilled! Then when you finally 'see' the little bundle of joy--well, it puts a sweet face on that image you've been carrying in your mind.

Now we've all heard the saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover.' What about you? Would a great cover invite you to buy a book from an author you didn't know? How much influence does a cover have when you are standing in the front of a rack books?

Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning
Lindi P.


  1. This is an absolutely luscious cover!!! Congratulations!.

    I nearly hyperventilated when I first saw mine. Tell us what your gut reaction was.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I love the cover...AND would definitely notice it. Covers are very important & if it catches my eye I'll take time to read what it's all about.

    Someday I hope to "birth" my very own book & cover (a dream that's been in the works for a while.) Very excited for you!

  3. I love your cover. It's unusual and eye catching :-)

  4. Lindi, It's beautiful. Doesn't it feel wonderful?

  5. Tina, well, don't laugh, but I saw the email with 'cover concept' in the subject line. It was at night, my hubby was out of town. I went to get a glass of water or something to drink and prayed all the way--God, please let me love what they have sent. Please! Well, the email said to give them feedback-they would work with me. When I saw it, it took my breath away. I couldn't believe I was looking at something so beautiful that was my book cover.
    So I emailed them back--love it!

    And I see why you hyperventilated when you saw yours. It's beautiful.

  6. Lisa,
    Thank you. And hang in there. Your dream will come true.

  7. Thanks, Ang.

    And Jenn, yes it does feel wonderful. You have great covers as well.

  8. Woo hoo!! I love the cover. But what I love best is seeing the name Lindi Peterson on the front!!! :) :)

    I cried when I saw my first cover. Had to just sit in the kitchen floor and sob.

    And yes, I do pick up books because of a cover! I won't buy one without at least reading the back cover copy. But that front cover draws me in to start with.

  9. Hi Lindi:

    A book cover is a visual headline.

    In advertising the job of a headline is to favorably attract the attention of the people who are most likely to buy the product and do it with a persuasive message.

    This is important. You are not trying to get the most people to notice the product. You are trying to get the people who are most likely to buy the product if they see the headline.

    It is better to be noticed by 20% of the audience and reach 90% of your best prospects than it is to be noticed by 90% of audience but only be noticed by 20% of your best prospects.

    I love the cover. I immediately thought the man was Colin Firth. Did anyone else have this impression?

    The artwork is A+.

    Do you feel this cover will attract the readers who would most likely buy the book? I like to know what you think.


  10. Lindi,

    Congratulations! I love the cover! I'm definitely a "look-at-the-cover-first" person. If I like the cover, I read the back cover and decide whether or not I'll buy it!

    I'm really happy for you!

  11. Vince,
    I like what you said. That's interesting and I hadn't thought of it like that.
    I'm not sure how to answer your question regarding who the cover will attract. I'm so new to this. I don't really have a following. So I guess I hope to attract the contemporary romance reader.
    And whoever else will buy!

  12. Missy,
    Seeing the name on the cover was amazing. It's like it's still too dreamy to be real.

  13. Thanks Edwina. No matter what the cover looks like, I do always read the back blurb as well as the first page. But a great cover will get me to pick up a book by an author I've never read.