Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sanctus Real - Lead Me

Christy here, and I have always been moved and influenced by music.

I love the uprising of Christian music that has been happening over the years and that has seemed to explode recently. It's a ministry. Many people hear a message from a song on the radio or a video that they wouldn't "hear" from a sermon. There are some great bands out there that are basically singing scripture. I love it!

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite bands, Sanctus Real. I love the message of this song and as I work on my latest manuscript, it helps me focus on a similar message I want to portray. Enjoy.........


  1. I love this song. Brenna and I talk about how great it is. And music is the same way for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Christy:

    Thanks for sharing this music. I would have never heard this song otherwise. I think Christian music and Christian fiction is growing so profusely because there is such a need for it.

    It is often said that in very well written fiction that you don’t notice the writing. I believe in the best ‘preaching’ you don’t even notice you are being delivered a message. This is the best way.

    People read your fiction, they ‘see’ the benefits of living a Christian value-centered life, and they think it is their own idea to change! When people think they are following their own ideas, this proprietary interest can lead to profound changes.

    When Christian writers plan a character’s ARC, they have an ideal opportunity to change lives for the better. Every skilled and sincere Christian writer is a missionary. They are doing God's work. And may God bless them.


  3. Thanks Lindi, I agree!

    Thanks Vince, you are always so profound in everything you post. I'm working on a character now that I want to be sure her "ARC" is as meaningful to the reader as it will be to the character.

  4. Christy, I love this song!! Always tear up when I hear it. I start singing and get so choked up I can't finish. :)

    Vince, I've found when I'm writing characters I tend to write in things God is teaching me, things I'm dealing with.

    I'm also astounded at some of the reader letters I get when they say they're dealing with some of the same things my character dealt with. Often, they've learned something I never even intended as the author! That's definitely a God thing.

  5. That's one of my favorite songs. I posted it on FB as soon as I first heard it.

  6. That's one of my favorite songs. I posted it on FB as soon as I first heard it.

  7. I do love this song. I love that it draws men to lead their families with love, strength, and faith. I hadn't seen the video before though. Thank you!