Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stress relief ideas

Angie here:
Do you have simple stress relievers or are you always stressed out?

Here are a couple of my ideas to relieve stress.

1. Learn to play a simple instrument. I chose the penny whistle so I could entertain myself with Scottish and Irish tunes. It takes almost no time to learn and makes me laugh. Okay, it drives my cat crazy and that makes me laugh too.

2. Go for a walk. Get the blood flowing out of your rumpus and into your brain. Moving helps oxygenate your blood and actually creates productivity and creativity.

3. Create something. I love to bake. I may find myself stressing in the middle of the day. I work at home writing most of the time. So I'll take a break to bake something new and different. For instance, I read Angel Harp recently. Loved it. Saw oatcakes eaten in the book all the time. Found a recipe and tried them. Now I bake this simple thing up for my hubby to take with him on rushed mornings. I toss them in the freezer and pull them out through the week.

What do you do for stress busting? (Yes, I really do want to hear!)


  1. Angie, I can just imagine you dancing through the house playing that penny whistle... Or maybe, that would be me... only, I'd be at work playing the penny whistle as I talked on the telephone to many of my customers. If I didn't like what they said,they'd start to hear the penny whistle playing and they'd think they were on hold... and in a way, they would be...

    LOL, I like that image.

    When I'm stressed I eat. Sometimes, i will want to get out and drive around in the car.

  2. When I'm stressed out I want to hide. Seriously. Sleep and hide. But for the waking type of stress relief I guess I walk around, watch a little mindless tv.

  3. Christy, You crack me up with the penny whistle for the customers. I like that idea. It would work for me as well.

  4. If only I had a penny whistle, I would stuff it in my purse and probably play it half the day, LOL.

    I also start straightening the house and cleaning when I'm stressed. By the looks of things, I haven't been stressed enough...

  5. When I'm stressed, I want to escape. That can be in the form of reading, going for a walk, writing, or doing something else creative, like cooking, painting (walls), or decorating. In the summer, I'll hop in the pool and swim laps.

  6. Angie, looking at the photo of you kitty made me smile--and relax! :)

    I usually read to relax. And get caught up on all the shows I've DVR'd.

  7. I'd like to add talking to the list everyone's compiled. I find going for a walk to talk about something relaxes me and gets rid of the stress. And in the winter when walking outside is too cold, shopping while talking and walking works just as well :)

  8. Eva Maria, I thought of talking, too! I call Lindi and talk her ear off. :)

    Ooh, and shopping. Good one! Of course, until I total up how much I spent and then stress again. ;)

  9. I love these answers. Christy and friends, get a penny whistle. They're so cheap. But get a good one :-) $10-20 bucks with a fun book to learn from. I promise it's a blast and hilarious when your cat wants the whistle. Missy, you're on to something. Looking at art! It's very calming like watching the sea or the weather or the mountains. Walking, shopping, talking. Oh yes, such good ideas :-) Hmm, think I'll go shopping...